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[3] Aubertin, 345.  Letter to the Comte de St. Germain (during the Seven Years War).  “The soldier’s hardships make one’s heart bleed; he passes his days in a state of abject misery, despised and living like a chained dog to be used for combat.”

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[9] Now we know better.  The most healthy bread is the one in which some bran is left, such bran is not only good for the digestion but contains vitamins and minerals as well. (Sr).

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[18] What an impression this view must have made on Lenin who sought, between 1906 and 1909 in Paris, the means and ways with which to re-create the French revolution in Russia. (Sr.)

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[22] “Lenin deviated from Marx not in preaching the necessity for violent proletarian revolution, but by advocating the creation of an elite party of professional revolutionaries to hasten this end, and by arguing for the dictatorship of this party rather than the working class as a whole.”  The Guinness Encyclopedia page 269. (Sr.)

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I. Suicide of the Ancient Regime.

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