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keep dumb.  We women are not so easily daunted by pain.  I heard Peter Ivanovitch say it is our blunt nerves or something.  We can stand it better.  And it’s true; I would just as soon bite my tongue out and throw it at them as not.  What’s the good of speech to me?  Who would ever want to hear what I could say?  Ever since I closed the eyes of my poor Andrei I haven’t met a man who seemed to care for the sound of my voice.  I should never have spoken to you if the very first time you appeared here you had not taken notice of me so nicely.  I could not help speaking of you to that charming dear girl.  Oh, the sweet creature!  And strong!  One can see that at once.  If you have a heart don’t let her set her foot in here.  Good-bye!”

Razumov caught her by the arm.  Her emotion at being thus seized manifested itself by a short struggle, after which she stood still, not looking at him.

“But you can tell me,” he spoke in her ear, “why they—­these people in that house there—­are so anxious to get hold of her?”

She freed herself to turn upon him, as if made angry by the question.

“Don’t you understand that Peter Ivanovitch must direct, inspire, influence?  It is the breath of his life.  There can never be too many disciples.  He can’t bear thinking of anyone escaping him.  And a woman, too!  There is nothing to be done without women, he says.  He has written it.  He—­”

The young man was staring at her passion when she broke off suddenly and ran away behind the stable.


Razumov, thus left to himself, took the direction of the gate.  But on this day of many conversations, he discovered that very probably he could not leave the grounds without having to hold another one.

Stepping in view from beyond the lodge appeared the expected visitors of Peter Ivanovitch:  a small party composed of two men and a woman.  They noticed him too, immediately, and stopped short as if to consult.  But in a moment the woman, moving aside, motioned with her arm to the two men, who, leaving the drive at once, struck across the large neglected lawn, or rather grass-plot, and made directly for the house.  The woman remained on the path waiting for Razumov’s approach.  She had recognized him.  He, too, had recognized her at the first glance.  He had been made known to her at Zurich, where he had broken his journey while on his way from Dresden.  They had been much together for the three days of his stay.

She was wearing the very same costume in which he had seen her first.  A blouse of crimson silk made her noticeable at a distance.  With that she wore a short brown skirt and a leather belt.  Her complexion was the colour of coffee and milk, but very clear; her eyes black and glittering, her figure erect.  A lot of thick hair, nearly white, was done up loosely under a dusty Tyrolese hat of dark cloth, which seemed to have lost some of its trimmings.

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