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Joseph M. Carey
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He understood that the bitterness accumulated in the heart of that helpless creature had got into her veins, and, like some subtle poison, had decomposed her fidelity to that hateful pair.  It was a great piece of luck for him, he reflected; because women are seldom venal after the manner of men, who can be bought for material considerations.  She would be a good ally, though it was not likely that she was allowed to hear as much as the tables and chairs of the Chateau Borel.  That could not be expected.  But still....  And, at any rate, she could be made to talk.

When she looked up her eyes met the fixed stare of Razumov, who began to speak at once.

“Well, well, dear...but upon my word, I haven’t the pleasure of knowing your name yet.  Isn’t it strange?”

For the first time she made a movement of the shoulders.

“Is it strange?  No one is told my name.  No one cares.  No one talks to me, no one writes to me.  My parents don’t even know if I’m alive.  I have no use for a name, and I have almost forgotten it myself.”

Razumov murmured gravely, “Yes, but still...”

She went on much slower, with indifference—­

“You may call me Tekla, then.  My poor Andrei called me so.  I was devoted to him.  He lived in wretchedness and suffering, and died in misery.  That is the lot of all us Russians, nameless Russians.  There is nothing else for us, and no hope anywhere, unless...”

“Unless what?”

“Unless all these people with names are done away with,” she finished, blinking and pursing up her lips.

“It will be easier to call you Tekla, as you direct me,” said Razumov, “if you consent to call me Kirylo, when we are talking like this—­quietly—­only you and me.”

And he said to himself, “Here’s a being who must be terribly afraid of the world, else she would have run away from this situation before.”  Then he reflected that the mere fact of leaving the great man abruptly would make her a suspect.  She could expect no support or countenance from anyone.  This revolutionist was not fit for an independent existence.

She moved with him a few steps, blinking and nursing the cat with a small balancing movement of her arms.

“Yes—­only you and I. That’s how I was with my poor Andrei, only he was dying, killed by these official brutes—­while you!  You are strong.  You kill the monsters.  You have done a great deed.  Peter Ivanovitch himself must consider you.  Well—­don’t forget me—­especially if you are going back to work in Russia.  I could follow you, carrying anything that was wanted—­at a distance, you know.  Or I could watch for hours at the corner of a street if necessary,—­in wet or snow—­yes, I could—­all day long.  Or I could write for you dangerous documents, lists of names or instructions, so that in case of mischance the handwriting could not compromise you.  And you need not be afraid if they were to catch me.  I would know how to

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