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English artists who practise the particularly English art of water-colour to be forbidden to use Prussian blue?  Are all old ladies to shoot their Pomeranian dogs?  But though England would laugh at this, she will get the credit of it, and will continue:  until we ask who the actual persons are who feel sure that we should shudder at a ballad of the Rhine.  It is certain that we should find they are capitalists.  It is very probable that we should find they are foreigners.

Some days ago the Official Council of the Independent Labour Party, or the Independent Council of the Official Labour Party, or the Independent and Official Council of the Labour Party (I have got quite nervous about these names and distinctions; but they all seem to say the same thing) began their manifesto by saying it would be difficult to assign the degrees of responsibility which each nation had for the outbreak of the war.  Afterwards, a writer in the “Christian Commonwealth,” lamenting war in the name of Labour, but in the language of my own romantic middle-class, said that all the nations must share the responsibility for this great calamity of war.  Now exactly as long as we go on talking like that we shall have war after war, and calamity after calamity, until the crack of doom.  It simply amounts to a promise of pardon to any person who will start a quarrel.  It is an amnesty for assassins.  The moment any man assaults any other man he makes all the other men as bad as himself.  He has only to stab, and to vanish in a fog of forgetfulness.  The real eagles of iron, the predatory Empires, will be delighted with this doctrine.  They will applaud the Labour Concert or Committee, or whatever it is called.  They will willingly take all the crime, with only a quarter of the conscience:  they will be as ready to share the memory as they are to share the spoil.  The Powers will divide responsibility as calmly as they divided Poland.

The Whole Loathsome Load

But I still stubbornly and meekly submit my point:  that you cannot end war without asking who began it.  If you think somebody else, not Germany, began it, then blame that somebody else:  do not blame everybody and nobody.  Perhaps you think that a small sovereign people, fresh from two triumphant wars, ought to discrown itself before sunrise; because the nephew of a neighbouring Emperor has been shot by his own subjects.  Very well.  Then blame Servia; and, to the extent of your influence, you may be preventing small kingdoms being obstinate or even princes being shot.  Perhaps you think the whole thing was a huge conspiracy of Russia, with France as a dupe and Servia as a pretext.  Very well.  Then blame Russia; and, to the extent of your influence, you may be preventing great Empires from making racial excuses for a raid.  Perhaps you think France wrong for feeling what you call “revenge,” and I should call recovery of stolen goods. 

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