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This Board have recd your Letter dated the 19th at Portsmouth and are happy in your safe Arrival there with the whole Fleet under your Command.  They approve of your Resolution to march to Falmouth, and make no doubt but upon your Application to the People of Portsmouth, or as it appears to the Council most effectual, to the Selectmen of the Towns Eastward of Portsmouth, you will be amply provided with Waggons &c for the Transportation of your Baggage Provisions & military Stores.  By the time of your Arrival at Falmouth, you will probably receive Directions for your further Conduct from Brigr Gen1 Lovel who is authorizd, if he shall judge it necessary, to call in the Militia of the Counties of York Cumberland & Lincoln.  It is expected that so spirited, experiencd and well Disciplind a Regiment as yours is, will add Vigor to the Inhabitants of that Part of the State, upon whose Attachment to the Cause of their Country great Dependence is to be had.  A single Disappointment though attended with loss should by no means be a Discouragement to us.  It is hoped that a respectable Body of the Militia will be again collected, at such place as Gen1 Lovel if necessary shall think most convenient, and that by the Smiles of Heaven our Enemies in that Quarter will yet be subdued.  We pray God to protect & prosper you.

1 Colonel of militia.  This letter was addressed to Jackson at Portsmouth.

To Horatio Gates.

[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

Boston Augt 22d 1779


Yesterday I recd your favor of Fryday last by Express.  By the Councils Letter which you must have receivd, you will see that Events untoward have taken place at Penobscot.  Our Troops were dispersd, and I fear our Ships are burnt.  Better so, however, than to fall into the Enemies Hands.  We could not command Success, but we have endeavord to deserve it.  Disappointments are to be expected in so arduous a Conflict, and when they come fairly one can bear them with Patience & Fortitude; but when they happen through Misconduct, they are vexatious.  I suspect there has been bad Mannagement, but I will not make up my Judgment till I am fully informd.  The Moment an authentick & explicit Account arrives, you shall have it from me.  I will not yet despair of Success.  Witness Tyconderoga & Saratoga.  An Instance which you and our Country will never forget.  We have directed & authorizd Gen1 Lovel to call in the Militia & have sent him a Proclamation to disperse thro the Eastern Counties.  Who knows but Laurels are yet ordaind for Level & Jackson.  He arrivd on fryday last with the whole Fleet under his Command at Portsmouth, and is to march through a good Road to Falmouth where he will probably receive Lovels orders.  The Selectmen & Committees of the Towns are directed to provide him with Waggons to transport his Baggage Provisions

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