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is at so great a Distance that no Interposition of ours could avail, if it were necessary in the present Instance; but I am of Opinion there will be no Difficulty there in Case your Vessel arrives, the Embargo being over.  I will write to Mess P in B & endeavor, shd there be any obstructions there to get them removd.  A Come of Con have under Consideration a Letter from the Council of M B1 on the Subject of provisions, & I am informd they are ready to make Report.

If any thing shd occur which will make it expedient for me to write you further I shall not omit the first Oppty.  In the mean time I am &c,


[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

PHILAD Feb 21-79


By the last Post I sent to Mr W C2 some Extracts from an extraordinary Letter which I hope he has receivd.  I think our Apprehensions are thereby strengthned, of an intended Monopoly of all the Trade and I may add of the richest Lands in America.  The private & publick Letters of my Friend on the other side of the Atlantick having honestly stated Facts and led to important Discoveries, have renderd him an object of the hottest Resentment of interrested Men.  I protest to you solemnly that the warm Affection I feel for a Man whom I never saw, is founded in a thorough Conviction of his long and unremitted Attachment to the Interests of America & of Mankind.  But I will leave this Subject for the present.

The Spring advances, and very probably some new Overtures may soon be made, if it is only to feel the Pulse of America.  Perhaps there may be a real Design in the British Cabinet to propose Terms of Accommodation.  We ought then to be previously thoughtful of so serious and momentous a Subject.  I have Reason to think that Britain finds herself perplexd in the forming of Alliances and procuring Resources to her Satisfaction.  She has repeatedly and in vain applied to Russia first for Ships of War & then for Troops.  Her disappointment may be owing to the superior Policy of France, who by interesting Russia as well as her self in the Affairs of Prussia & the Empress of Germany may have made it improper for Russia to take any Measure which might tend to involve Europe in War.  I am affraid if we should be seriously engagd in negociating a Peace, there would be an intemperate pressing from without Doors for a speedy Conclusion, which would precipitate the Affair to our Disadvantage.  It is probable that Peace may be the desireable Object in all the Courts in Europe while they are making the necessary Arrangements and preparing for War if that shd be the Event.  If Britain should refuse to acknowledge the Independence of America a War with France & Spain wd probably ensue and the flame would spread.  In that Case, Britain might be obligd so far to withdraw her Troops from America as to leave it in our power

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