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producd that Spirit which finally has establishd the Independence of America; and Nothing but opposite Principles and Manners can overthrow it.  If you are of my Mind, and I think you are, the Necessity of supporting the Education of our Country must be strongly impressd on your Mind.  It gives me the greatest Concern to hear that some of our Gentlemen in the Country begin to think the Maintenance of Schools too great a Burden.  I wish they could hear the Encomiums that are given to N Engd by some of the most sensible & publick spirited Gentlemen in the southern States, for the Care & Expence which have been freely borne by our Ancestors & continued to this time for the Instruction of youth.  Virginia is duly sensible of the great Importance of Education, and, as a friend in that Country informs me, has lately adopted an effectual Plan for that necessary Purpose.  If Virtue & Knowledge are diffusd among the People, they will never be enslavd.  This will be their great Security.  Virtue & Knowledge will forever be an even Balance for Powers & Riches.  I hope our Countrymen will never depart from the Principles & Maxims which have been handed down to us from our wise forefathers.  This greatly depends upon the Example of Men of Character & Influence of the present Day.  This is a Subject my Heart is much set upon.  But I fear I have wearied your Patience.  I will conclude with my most ardent Prayer that our last Days may be our best Days and our last Works our best Works.

Adieu my dear Friend,

Pay my due Regards to your Circle in Plymouth.  Are you intimate with Mr
D. I mentiond him to you in a former Letter as an excellent Republican.


[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

PHILAD Feb 16 1779


I recd your Letr of 27 Jan and immediately communicated such of the Contents as relate to your Application to the Govr of N Y, to the Delegates of that State.  They assured me that the Govrs refusing to grant a Permit to Mr Shepperd for the Transportation of Flour from thence must have been owing to the real & very great Scarcity of that Article there; and they desired me to satisfy you in that point, fearing that it mt be supposd to arise from other Motives.  I will consult with my Colleagues and if any Means can be used by us to ensure Success to your Application from that Quarter you may depend upon our Exertion.

I am inclined to think that Govr C, who in my Opinion is a truly good Man, is apprehensive of being imposd upon by Speculators, unless he uses great Caution; and he may perhaps not be fully apprisd of your asking under the express Authority & Commission of Massachusetts State.  And yet I shd suppose your Letter to him would have been sufficient without authenticated Documents manifesting your Appointment.  South Carolina

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