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[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

PHILAD Feb 6 -79


The Marine Come have done themselves the Honor of writing to you by this Post.  The great Dammage which has been done to the Trade at the Southward & particularly Chessapeak Bay by the Enemies Privateers has causd such pressing Demands for the Aid of our Ships of War as laid us under the Necessity of ordering the Queen of france immediately on a Cruize that Way.  This I mention as a Reason why she could not be employd with the Confederacy & the other Ships but her Destination will remain a Secret.

I hope the Expedition proposd by your Excy & agreed to by the Come will be performd in 2 or 3 Days, for I fear if it should be known to the Enemy, not only the desired Event wd be prevented but there would be danger of our losing our Ships.

I have only time to beg the favor of your Excy to forward the inclosd by the first Oppty by the post or otherwise.


[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

Philade Feb 6 1779


I have receivd your favor of the 21st of January.  Every Body sees that the Depreciation of the Paper Currency is owing to the Floods of it which have been necessarily issued.  In Addition to which a great Quantity more especially of the Emissions of 20 May 1777 & 11 April 1778 has been counterfeited.  This last Consideration was sufficient Inducement to the calling out of Circulation all the Bills of those Emissions as speedily as possible.  The lessening the Quantity in Circulation is the only Means of restoring the Value & Credit of the Remainder.  It would therefore be a happy Event if every possessor of them would receive Loan Office Certificates for them instead of new Bills in June next but this cannot be expected.  In proportion as this may be done the only effectual Means, besides that of taxing which I hope will be chearfully submitted to by the People, of remedying the great Evil will have its effect.  Congress have not cried down those Emissions, as the Expression is or resolvd that the Bills should sink in the Hands of those who would not exchange them for Loan Office Certificates, as has been done in the Eastern States.  This might have been too harsh a Remedy.  They have left it in the Option of the Possessors to receive either such Certificates or new Bills.  This is the obvious Intention of their Resolutions on the Subject.  The Wish of every discerning honest Man must be as obvious, viz that as many of the Bills may sink in the Loan Offices as the People can possibly spare, and as soon as possible.  I think therefore you have judgd right of their Views.  It would be an Act of Charity and a great Service to the publick if those who can afford to put their Money to Interest would ease their poorer fellow Citizens who are possessd of those Bills, by exchanging them for other Bills without a Discount.

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