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Inclosd is the Newspaper of this Day.  Philalethes in attempting to show that the Supplys from France were not a Present from that Court, which nobody that I know of has asserted, has abundantly proved one thing which Common Sense has insisted on viz that A Lee had been negociating with Mr Beaumarchais for those Supplys, before Mr Dean arrivd there.  No one I suppose would have thought of weighing Mr Deans Merit so critically, had he appeard content with his full Share of it.  But when he takes so much Pains to represent his Colleagues as having done Nothing, it becomes a Piece of Justice to enquire whether they have in Reality been such unconcernd or impotent Spectators of their Countrys Misery and Want.  Dr Franklin has the Honor of being Mr Deans venerable Friend; Mr Lee, an insignificant or troublesome Colleague.  And yet Mary Johnsons assiduous Applications procurd the sending a Ship loaded with Merchandise & Stores to the Value of twenty five Thousand Pounds Sterling; and this Negociation was settled before Mr Deans Arrival in France.  Mr Lee acted as the political Minister.  He pressd on Mr Beaumarchais “the maintaining the War in America as the great Object.”  And indeed it was so.  Mr Lee and every Man of Discernment knew, that it was the Policy of France to consider it in this View.  On this Consideration he succeeded, and yet, says Mr Beaumarchais, “the Gratitude of Congress is due to the indefatigable Pains Mr Dean has taken thro’ the whole of the Commercial Transaction.”  The Truth is, as I suppose, that Mr Dean did not care to return without some such Letter of Recommendation; and it was probably as easily obtaind as the other which I mentiond in my last.  Mr Beaumarchais is a Man of Ingenuity & Wit.  Horace was the Delight of the Court of Augustus.  A Royal Letter & a Snuff Box, as I once told one of my Friends, are Things of Course, especially in the Honey Moon of National Matrimony.  A Monarch politely compliments thro’ the Minister the Ministers Sovereign.  When the Merchant and the Courtier unite in one Man, the Courtier is safe in imitating his Master, and pays his Compliment in the Stile & Manner of the Merchant.

Mr Deans Friends are in hopes he will be sent to Holland as a Reward for his good Services, from whence he may probably send or bring another mercantile Letter of Recommendation.  Doubtless deep Commercial Connections may be formd there.  They are willing Mr J A should go to Spain.  The Design of this is to get Mr A L removd from thence.  Others are for sending Mr A to Holland leaving Mr L in Spain, to whose Influence in that Country our Armies are indebted for Supplys of Blanketts Shoes and Stockins.  I am sorry to be obligd to think, that a Monopoly of Trade, and not the Liberty of their Country, is the sole Object of some Mens Views.  This is the Cake which they hope shortly to slice and share among themselves.



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