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at present to make our Court.  Every Cabinet will, I suppose, this winter be deeply engagd in making Arrangements and preparing for the opening a Campaign in Case of a general War which it is more than probable will happen.  Our Friend A L is in Spain.  Our other Friend J A will be employd somewhere.  France must be our Pole Star & our Connection must be formd with hers.  Holland whose Policy is always to be at Peace may be open to Negociation & the sooner we tempt her the better.  Spain must joyn with France.  But she is dilatory.  I wish she would recollect how much she was injured by it the last War, when she sufferd the common Enemy to beat France & her self in Detail.  The Spirit of Chatham is indeed extinguishd in Britain.  His decisive Mind might have dictated the Seizure of their Float at Sea.  Perhaps it is well the Great Man is no more.  The Millions are safely arrivd & the Tone of Neutrality at Madrid is become languid.  A formidable Fleet lies equip’d in Cadiz which operating with that of France at this Juncture might give a fatal Blow to the boasted Sovereignty of Britain on the Ocean.  The Count D’ Estaings Squadron I suppose will go to the West Indies.  If so, must not the British follow with a great Part of their Troops, if they mean to keep Possession of their own Islands.  They may leave Garrisons at N York & Newport, with a View of obliging us still to maintain a great Army, in hopes we shall be undone by Expences while they despair of subduing us by the Power of their Army.  We must have a respectable Army in the Spring to put a good face on our Negociations or to fight.  I hope we shall secure to the United States, Canada Nova Scotia & the Fishery by our Arms or by Treaty.  Florida too is a tempting object in the South.  Perhaps if you should show this Letter to some Folks, it may be thought to confirm an opinion from whence an objection was drawn against me on a late occasion “that I was averse to Reconciliation.”  We shall never be on a solid Footing till G B cedes to us what Nature designs we sh[ould] have or we wrest it from her.

The Marine Committee have obtaind a Warrant for 150,000 Dollars for your Department which will be forwarded speedily.  Congress has increasd your Salaries to 3000 Dollars p Annum.  I had this in View when I intreated you in my last, not to resign your Seat.  Nothing would reconcile me to this but your having one here.  I am determind to make Room for you by a Resignation next Spring.  I flatter my self I can yet be in some Degree useful to my Country in a narrow Sphere.  I wish for Retirement & covet Leisure as a Miser does money.



November 3, 1778.

[Ms., Papers of The Continental Congress.]

It having pleased Almighty God through the Course of the present year, to bestow great & manifold Mercies on the People of these United States; And it being the indispensible Duty of all Men gratefully to acknowledge their obligations to Him for Benefits receivd.

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