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that this is but a french Finesse and that Britain is the only real Friend of America.  Should not the People be informd with the Authority of Congress that Britain persists in claiming a Right to tax them and that the new or intended Act of Parliament, expressly declares her Intention to be only a Suspension of the Exercise of the Right till she shall please again to exercise it? that is till she shall have lulled them into a State of Security.  That her Commissioners are not to be vested with full Powers to finish any Treatys, nor even to promise a Ratification of them.  This will be left in great Uncertainty, till it shall be considerd in Parliament.  They are allowed, as one of our Friends expresses it, to proclaim a Cessation of Hostilities, and revoke their Proclamation, as soon as in Confidence of it our Militia are allowd to go home.  They may suspend the Operation of prohibitory Acts of Trade; and take off that Suspension where our Merchants in Consequence of it shall have been indued to send their Ships to Sea.  In short they may do every thing that may tend to distract and divide us, but Nothing that can afford us Security.  The British Court have Nothing in View but to divide by Means of their Commissioners.  Of this they entertain sanguine Expectations; for I am well assured, that they say they have certain Advice, that they have a large Party in Congress, almost a Majority, who are for returning to their Dependency!  This cannot be true—­Dr Franklin in a Letter of the 2d of March informs me that America at present stands in the highest Light of Esteem thro’ out Europe, and he adds, A Return to Dependence on England would sink her into Eternal Contempt.

Be pleasd to present my due Regards to all Friends, and acquaint my worthy Colleagues that Mr Deans great Haste prevents my writing to them.  I intend to set out on my Journy to York Town next Week where I hope for the Pleasure of seeing you.  In the mean time be assured that I am

Your affectionate,

I thank you for your

Favor of Mar 1st which

I recd three days ago—­


[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

Palmer 84 Miles from Boston

May 5th 1778


I wrote to you by my kind Host Mr Greenleafe.  Yesterday I left his House and slept the last Night at Colo Henshaws.  He and his Lady treated me with great Hospitality & Friendship.  This day I dined at Brookfield with Mr Ward a Minister in that Town.  He married Miss Coleman Mr Pembertons Niece.  I am much obligd to them for their kind Treatment of me.  I made them promise to visit you when they go to Boston.  This Afternoon I met my Son on the Road.  I was sorry I could not have the Pleasure of conversing with him.  I parted with him with great Regret.  May Heaven bless him!  Tell

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