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of Beverly & the Revd Mr Williams.  The Academy of Arts & Sciences is in a flourishing Way.  A new Society is incorporated by the Name of the Medical Society.  And this Metropolis has lately appointed a Committee, to consider the present Arrangement of the Schools & what further Improvements may be made, in which the better Education of female Children is designd to be comprehended.  All these things I know are pleasing to you.  Our People treat Foreigners of Merit who come among them, with good Humour & Civility, being desirous of adopting the virtuous Manners of others, and ingrafting them into our Stock.  Laudable Examples on their side & ours will be productive of mutual Benefits.  Indeed the Men of Influence must form the Manners of the People.  They can operate more towards cultivating the Principles & fixing the Habits of Virtue than all the Force of Laws.  This I think is verified in the Experience of the World; & should induce those People who exercise the Right of electing their own Rulers, to be circumspect in making their Choice.  You are well enough acquainted with the Character of our first Magistrate to judge what Effects his Influence will have upon Manners.

Inclosd are some of the Proceedings of a late Town Meeting,2 which I send to you as a private Citizen for your mere information.  The Meeting was called in Consequence of a Letter receivd by our Selectmen from Marblehead, in which it was proposd that the Subject should be considerd in a Convention of the Maritime Towns.  But this Town judgd it more proper to lay the Matter before the General Court, and have accordingly instructed their Representatives & recommended it to the others to take the same Method.  They could not think it becoming in them to write to you (tho a fellow Citizen) on a Subject which concerns the American Republick.  They have an entire Confidence in your Attachment to the Interest of the United States & of this which makes an essential Part of it.

The Count de Noailles tells me he has a Letter for you from your Family.  Please to pay my due Regards to Mr Dana Mr Th——­3 &c.  I rejoyce to hear of the Welfare of one of your Sons, whom we had almost given up for lost.  Mrs Adams sends Compliments Miss has changed her Name & left her Fathers House.

Your affectionate,

1 Laurens.

2 Boston Record Commissioners’ Report, vol. xxvi., p. 214.

3 John Thaxter, private secretary to John Adams.



[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

Boston May 13 1782.


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