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may have much of the old Ground to go over again.  More in my Opinion, is necessary to be done, than conquering our British Enemies in order to establish the Liberties of our Country on a solid Basis.  Human Nature, I am affraid, is too much debas’d to relish those Republican Principles, in which the new Government of the Common Wealth of Massachusetts appears to be founded.  And may it not be added, that the former Government, I mean the last Charter, being calculated rather to make servile Men than free Citizens, the Minds of many of our Countrymen have been inurd to a cringing Obsequiousness, too deeply wrought into Habit to be easily eradicated?  Mankind is prone enough to political Idolatry.  Such a temper is widely different from that reverence which every virtuous Citizen will show to the upright Magistrate.  If my Fears on this Head are ill grounded, I hope I shall be excusd.  They proceed from a cordial Affection for that Country to the Service of which I have devoted the greatest Part of my Life—­May Heaven inspire the present Rulers with Wisdom & sound Understanding.  In all Probability they will stamp the Character of the People.  It is natural for sensible Observers to form an Estimate of the People from the Opinion they have of those whom they set up for their Legislators & Magistrates.  And besides, if we look into the History of Governors, we shall find that their Principles & Manners have always had a mighty Influence on the People.  Should Levity & Foppery ever be the ruling Taste of the Great, the Body of the People would be in Danger of catching the Distemper, and the ridiculous Maxims of the one would become fashionable among the other.  I pray God we may never be addicted to Vanity & the Folly of Parade!  Pomp & Show serve very well to promote the Purposes of European & Asiatick grandeur, in Countries where the Mystery of Iniquity is carried to the highest Pitch, & Millions are tame enough to believe that they are born for no other Purpose than to be subservient to the capricious Will of a single Great Man or a few!  It requires Council & sound Judgment to render our Country secure in a flourishing Condition.—­If Men of Wisdom & Knowledge, of Moderation & Temperance, of Patience Fortitude & Perseverance, of Sobriety & true Republican Simplicity of Manners, of Zeal for the Honor of the Supreme Being & the Welfare of the Common Wealth—­If Men possessd of these & other excellent Qualities are chosen to fill the Seats of Government we may expect that our Affairs will rest on a solid & permanent Foundation.

I thank you my dear Sir, for mentioning my Family so affectionately in one of your Letters.  Oblige them with your Visits as often as you can.  Remember me to Colo Orne, who, I have Reason to think is among my Friends.  Adieu and believe me to be most sincerely



[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

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