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the best of Company—­Company, which he may at another Time, find it his own Interest, if that governs him, to court & respect.  We are even reduced to the Hutchinsonian Times, if a Citizen shall think himself constraind to malign his old Friend, merely because the Great Man has been prevaild upon to mark him as his Enemy.—­But the History of all Ages & all Countrys shows, that there is no Absurdity into which Idolatry will not lead Men.  Remember me to My Friend Mr Gerry, & let him know that I have not forgot his Letters, & that I will write to him soon.  Adieu my dear Sir.

Your affectionate,

Will you call on Mrs A & let her know that I am well.


[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

Philadelphia Novr 22 1780


Although I have not yet acknowledgd the obliging Letter you wrote to me some time ago, I would not have you entertain a Doubt of my sincere Respect and the Confidence I place in you.  I think I gave you the strongest Proof of this when I was last in Boston.  From that Moment I have considerd myself particularly interested in your Wellfare.  It cannot indeed be otherwise, since I then consented that you should form the most intimate Connection with the dear Girl whom I pride myself in calling my Daughter.  I did this with Caution and Deliberation; and having done it, I am now led to contemplate the Relation in which I am myself to stand with you, and I can [hardly] forbear the same Stile in this Letter, which I should take the Liberty to use if I was writing to her.  The Marriage State was designd to complete the Sum of human Happiness in this Life.  It some times proves otherwise; but this is owing to the Parties themselves, who either rush into it without due Consideration, or fail in point of Discretion in their Conduct towards each other afterwards.  It requires Judgment on both Sides, to conduct with exact Propriety; for though it is acknowledgd, that the Superiority is & ought to be in the Man, yet as the Mannagement of a Family in many Instances necessarily devolves on the Woman, it is difficult always to determine the Line between the Authority of the one & the Subordination of the other.  Perhaps the Advice of the good Bishop of St Asaph on another Occasion, might be adopted on this, and that is, not to govern too much.  When the married Couple strictly observe the great Rules of Honor & Justice towards each other, Differences, if any happen, between them, must proceed from small & trifling Circumstances.  Of what Consequence is it, whether a Turkey is brought on the Table boild or roasted?  And yet, how often are the Passions sufferd to interfere in such mighty Disputes, till the Tempers of both become so sowerd, that they can scarcely look upon each other with any tolerable Degree of good Humor.  I am not led to this particular

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