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& virtuous People incapable of Error?  They acted, you will say, with their Eyes open.  They knew the different Characters, Abilities & Merit of the Candidates.  But, they were deceivd with false Appearances for the Moment.  A due Attention to the Administration of Government will enable them to measure the Capacity of him whom they have made the object of their present Choice.  That Watchfulness, & Jealousy, which I still hold to be the best Security of the publick Liberty, will guard them against future Mistakes.

I have not Time at present to write you so long a Letter as I intended.  But before I conclude I must inform you, that it is hinted to us by a Friend, that Colo Sears, who has lately been at Camp, has reported in Boston that Mr M declared there repeatedly, that Congress consisted of a Set of Ro------s, & that he should turn his Back upon them.  I wish, if Mr S heard that Declaration, he wd certify it, that proper Notice may be taken of it.  No Member of any Body of Men will answer for the Character of every Individual; but if Mr M expressd himself in that Manner, it was false and injurious.  I have heard of such Language before, coming from Persons of contemptible Characters, influencd by Men who rightly judge, that to destroy the Confidence of the People in Congress, is to wound our Cause in the most tender Part.  It is the Language of Tories, which in times passd would not have been sufferd to pass unpunishd.



[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

PHILAD Oct 10 1780


I had the Pleasure last Week of receiving your very affectionate Letter of the 14th of Septr by the Post.  You did not expressly tell me that you was well.  A material Circumstance, which you must never omit to mention.  It is a great Satisfaction to me to be informd, that Mr Arthur Lee was respectfully treated by my Friends in Boston.  My Friends are his, & I believe, on the same Principle.  But Mr ——­ has not seen him.  Is not Mr ——­ my Friend?  He professes to be such; and I do verily believe he is as much so as he can be.  Could I always adjust my Ideas of Politicks to his Views, I might perhaps insure the most flattering Expressions of his Friendship.

I expect soon to see it announcd in the Papers, that Mr Hancock is elected Governor of the Common Wealth of Massachusetts.  I confess I did not foresee that Boston would have been so united as I find they were, when two such Competitors as he & Mr Bowdoin were set up.  Their respective Characters, Abilities & Merit were well known to the Electors, who have therefore acted with their Eyes open.  It is to be presumd, that they have been influencd to this Choice by the pure Motives of publick Affection.  A due Attention to the Administration of Government, I fancy, will soon determine whether they have acted with Wisdom or not.

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