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The Writings of Samuel Adams - Volume 4 eBook

This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 336 pages of information about The Writings of Samuel Adams.

We are &c

1 Major general in the continental army.


[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

Hartford June 21 1780


We wrote to you yesterday, & inclosd Copy of a Letter of the 18th Instant from his Excy General Washington to his Excy Govr Trumbull, mentioning the Arrival of a Fleet at the Hook & the Probability of its containing Sir H. Clinton with his Army, and of his immediately attacking our Post at the Highlands; since which we have certain Intelligence that the Fleet was on the 19th at -------- Point, within twenty Miles of our Fortifications, and we have no Doubt that by this Time the Army have debarkd & commencd their Operations.  We therefore think it necessary that you should forthwith march your Men to the Reliefe of the Garrison, & take with you a sufficient Quantity of Provisions to subsist your Brigade on the March to the Highlands & fourteen Days after they shall have arrivd, with as much more as can be obtaind for the Use of the Garrison.  It will answer but little Purpose to march your Men without Supplys.  We have great Reliance on that Zeal & Patriotism which has so often distinguishd the County of Berkshire in this great Contest; but should it so happen that Waggons cannot otherwise be procured, we hope you will not hesitate a Moment to take them wherever they may be found, on Certificates payable at an early Period, agreable to our former Recommendation.  The Militia of the Western Counties, will upon this Plan be put into immediate Motion, & we think it advisable for you to send Expresses to the State of Vermont & the County of Hampshire, urging the Necessity of their marching their Militia with Provisions for the Reliefe of the Garrison in the Manner mentiond.

We remain &c,


[Ms., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.]

Hartford 21 June 1780


We wrote to you yesterday.  Having this Morning receivd intelligence of the Movement of the Enemy up the River, we have sent another Express to Brigr Gen1 Fellows, urging him immediately to march to your Reliefe with his Brigade of Militia with Provisions to subsist them on their Way to & 14 Days after they shall arrive at West Point.  We have also advisd him to throw into the Garrison all the Provisions that can be procured, & to send Expresses to Vermont & the County of Hampshire in the State of Mass.  Bay, urging the Necessity of their marching their Militia with Provisions for the Reliefe of the Garrison in the Manner mentiond.  But it may be nevertheless necessary, if you think it a proper Measure, to send an Express to General Fellows for expediting this Business.  The most vigorous Measures are making by this State & we have no Doubt but they will be effectual.

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