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To Richard Henry Lee, January 1st

Military Affairs—­European Politics—­Articles of Confederation—­Army Supplies.

To --------, January l0th

New Haven Conference—­Legislation on Trade—­Baron Steuben.

To Archibald Campbell, January 14th

Exchange of Prisoners.

To Horatio Gates, January 14th

Introducing Baron Steuben—­Captain Olivier.

Vote of Town of Boston, January 21st

Articles of Confederation.

To John Burgoyne, February 6th

Declining a Conference.

To Daniel Roberdeau, February 9th

The Work of Congress.

To Arthur Lee, March 12th

Complaints of French Volunteers.

To Jonathan Trumbull, March 19th

Defence of Hudson River.

To James Lovell, March 27th

Postal Service—­Military Academy—­Exchange of Prisoners—­Case of John Amory.

To Francis Lightfoot Lee

Illness—­Conditions in Boston—­Military Affairs.

To Richard Henry Lee, April 20th

Action of France—­Attitude of England, iii

To Mrs. Adams, May 5th

Journey from Boston.

To the Earl of Carlisle and others

Address of “An American.”

To Baron Steuben, June 3rd

Action of Congress.

To John Adams, June 21st

The English Commissioners—­Arrivals from France—­Arthur Lee.

To Mrs. Adams, July 9th

Signing of Articles of Confederation.

To James Warren, July

Cases of Manley and McNeil—­Appointment of Naval Officers.

To James Warren, July

Office-holders—­The British Commissioners—­Arrival of French Squadron.

To Samuel Phillips Savage, August 11th .

Return of Hancock.

To Peter Thacher, August 11th .

 The British Commissioners—­Activity of Quakers.

To James Warren, September 1st

Cases of Manley and McNeil—­Personal Critics—­The Rhode Island Expedition.

To James Bowdoin, September 3rd

Conduct of John Temple.

To Hannah Adams, September 8th

Illness of Wife.

To John Bradford, September 8th

Conduct of McNeil.

To James Warren, September 12th

Case and Conduct of Manley—­The Rhode Island Expedition.

To Samuel Phillips Savage, September 14th

The Rhode Island Expedition—­Activity of Tories.

To ——­, September 21st

Appointment of Auctioneers—­Attitude of Manley—­Public Criticism of French

To Mrs. Adams, September 28th

Death of Friends—­Family Affairs.

To William Cooper, September 3Oth

Assistance in Exchange of Son.

To Samuel Phillips Savage, October 6th

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