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That stifling room where roses shed their petals, had been opened to-night; a chill touched the very center of his being and told him so.  The occupant of that room—­the Minotaur of this hideous labyrinth—­was at large to-night, was roaming the passages about him, was perhaps outside his very door....

Dull moaning sounds reached him through the trap.  He realized that if he had the courage to cross the room, stand upon a chair and place his ear to the wall, he might be able to detect more of what was passing in the next apartment.  But craven fear held him in its grip, and in vain he strove to shake it off.  Trembling wildly, he stood with his back to the door, whilst muttered words, and moans, ever growing fainter, reached him from beyond.  A voice, a harsh, guttural voice—­surely not that of Ho-Pin—­was audible, above the moaning.

For two minutes—­three minutes—­four minutes—­he stood there, tottering on the brink of insensibility, then... a faint sound—­a new sound,—­drew his gaze across the room, and up to the corner where the trap was situated.

A very dim light was dawning there; he could just detect the outline of an opening—­a half-light breaking the otherwise impenetrable darkness.

He felt that his capacity for fear was strained to its utmost; that he could support nothing more, yet a new horror was in store for him; for, as he watched that gray patch, in it, as in a frame, a black silhouette appeared—­the silhouette of a human head... a woman’s head!

Soames convulsively clenched his jaws, for his teeth were beginning to chatter.

A whistle, an eerie, minor whistle, subscribed the ultimate touch of terror to the night.  The silhouette disappeared, and, shortly afterwards, the gray luminance.  A faint click told of some shutter being fastened; complete silence reigned.

Soames groped his way to the bed and fell weakly upon it, half lying down and burying his face in the pillow.  For how long, he had no idea, but for some considerable time, he remained so, fighting to regain sufficient self-possession to lie to Ho-Pin, who sooner or later must learn of his return.

At last he managed to sit up.  He was not trembling quite so wildly, but he still suffered from a deathly sickness.  A faint streak of light from the corridor outside shone under his door.  As he noted it, it was joined by a second streak, forming a triangle.

There was a very soft rasping of metal.  Someone was opening the door!

Soames lay back upon the bed.  This time he was past further panic and come to a stage of sickly apathy.  He lay, now, because he could not sit upright, because stark horror had robbed him of physical strength, and had drained the well of his emotions dry.

Gradually—­so that the operation seemed to occupy an interminable time, the door opened, and in the opening a figure appeared.

The switch clicked, and the room was flooded with electric light.

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