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But the man of the Lord, armed with the sign of the Cross, repulsed the enemy.  Perceiving that he could not seduce him, the devil thought of an artful plan to ruin him.  One summer night he approached the queen, who slept upon her couch, showed her an image of the young monk whom she saw every day in the wooden monastery, and upon this image he placed a spell.  Forthwith, like a subtle poison, love flowed into Glamorgan’s veins, and she burned with an ardent desire to do as she listed with Oddoul.  She found unceasing pretexts to have him near her.  Several times she asked him to teach reading and singing to her children.

“I entrust them to you,” said she to him.  “And will follow the lessons you will give them so that I myself may learn also.  You will teach both mother and sons at the same time.”

But the young monk kept making excuses.  At times he would say that he was not a learned enough teacher, and on other occasions that his state forbade him all intercourse with women.  This refusal inflamed Glamorgan’s passion.  One day as she lay pining upon her couch, her malady having become intolerable, she summoned Oddoul to her chamber.  He came in obedience to her orders, but remained with his eyes cast down towards the threshold of the door.  With impatience and grief she resented his not looking at her.

“See,” said she to him, “I have no more strength, a shadow is on my eyes.  My body is both burning and freezing.”

And as he kept silence and made no movement, she called him in a voice of entreaty: 

“Come to me, come!”

With outstretched arms to which passion gave more length, she endeavoured to seize him and draw him towards her.

But he fled away, reproaching her for her wantonness.

Then, incensed with rage and fearing that Oddoul might divulge the shame into which she had fallen, she determined to ruin him so that he might not ruin her.

In a voice of lamentation that resounded throughout all the palace she called for help, as if, in truth, she were in some great danger.  Her servants rushed up and saw the young monk fleeing and the queen pulling back the sheets upon her couch.  They all cried out together.  And when King Brian, attracted by the noise, entered the chamber, Glamorgan, showing him her dishevelled hair, her eyes flooded with tears, and her bosom that in the fury of her love she had torn with her nails, said: 

“My lord and husband, behold the traces of the insults I have undergone.  Driven by an infamous desire Oddoul has approached me and attempted to do me violence.”

When he heard these complaints and saw the blood, the king, transported with fury, ordered his guards to seize the young monk and burn him alive before the palace under the queen’s eyes.

Being told of the affair, the Abbot of Yvern went to the king and said to him: 

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