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He was previously the Son of God, and yet the power of the Divine testimony to His Sonship at His baptism long affected Him in a lively manner.’  And we see our Lord reading His roll to assure and sustain His heart when all outward acceptance and sustenance failed Him.  ’There is One who beareth witness of Me, and His witness is true.  I receive not witness from men.  I have a greater witness than even that of John.  For the Father Himself that hath sent Me, He beareth witness of Me.’  No wonder that our heavy-laden pilgrim of yesterday gave three leaps for joy and went on singing with such a roll as that in his bosom.  For, at that supreme moment he had that inward illumination and assurance sealed on his heart that had so gladdened and sustained so many prophets and psalmists and apostles and saints before his day.  And though, like Abraham and all the other saints who ever had that noble roll put into their keeping, except Jesus Christ, he often lost it, yet as often as he again recovered it, it brought back again with it all his first joy and gladness.

But, as was said at the beginning, the Grace Abounding is the best of all our commentaries on The Pilgrim’s Progress.  As thus here also:  ’Now had I an evidence, as I thought, of my salvation from heaven, with many golden seals thereon, all hanging in my sight.  Now could I remember this manifestation and that other discovery of grace with comfort, and should often long and desire that the last day were come, that I might be for ever inflamed with the sight and joy of Him and communion with Him whose head was crowned with thorns, whose face was spit on, and body broken, and soul made an offering for my sins.  For whereas, before, I lay continually trembling at the mouth of hell, now, methought, I was got so far therefrom that I could not, when I looked back, scarce discern it.  And oh! thought I, that I were fourscore years old now, that I might die quickly, that my soul might be gone to rest.’

Then Christian gave three leaps for joy and went on singing: 

   ’Thus far did I come laden with my sin,
   Nor could ought ease the grief that I was in
   Till I came hither:  . . . 
   Blest Cross! blest Sepulchre! blest rather be
   The Man that there was put to shame for me.’


   ’A form of godliness.’—­Paul.

We all began our religious life by being formalists.  And we were not altogether to blame for that.  Our parents were first to blame for that, and then our teachers, and then our ministers.  They made us say our psalm and our catechism to them, and if we only said our sacred lesson without stumbling, we were straightway rewarded with their highest praise.  They seldom took the trouble to make us understand the things we said to them.  They were more than content with our correct repetition of the words.  We were never taught either to read or repeat with

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