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“Ay, you are active at the paddle and the oar, Eau-douce, I will allow, but an accursed Mingo is more active at his mischief; the canoes are swift, but a rifle bullet is swifter.”

“It is the business of men, engaged as we have been by a confiding father, to run this risk —­ "

“But it is not their business to overlook prudence.”

“Prudence! a man may carry his prudence so far as to forget his courage.”

The group was standing on the narrow strand, the Pathfinder leaning on his rifle, the butt of which rested on the gravelly beach, while both his hands clasped the barrel at the height of his own shoulders.  As Jasper threw out this severe and unmerited imputation, the deep red of his comrade’s face maintained its hue unchanged, though the young man perceived that the fingers grasped the iron of the gun with the tenacity of a vice.  Here all betrayal of emotion ceased.

“You are young and hot-headed,” returned Pathfinder, with a dignity that impressed his listeners with a keen sense of his moral superiority; “but my life has been passed among dangers of this sort, and my experience and gifts are not to be mastered by the impatience of a boy.  As for courage, Jasper, I will not send back an angry and unmeaning word to meet an angry and an unmeaning word; for I know that you are true in your station and according to your knowledge; but take the advice of one who faced the Mingos when you were a child, and know that their cunning is easier sarcumvented by prudence than outwitted by foolishness.”

“I ask your pardon, Pathfinder,” said the repentant Jasper, eagerly grasping the hand that the other permitted him to seize; “I ask your pardon, humbly and sincerely.  ’Twas a foolish, as well as wicked thing to hint of a man whose heart, in a good cause, is known to be as firm as the rocks on the lake shore.”

For the first time the color deepened on the cheek of the Pathfinder, and the solemn dignity which he had assumed, under a purely natural impulse, disappeared in the expression of the earnest simplicity inherent in all his feelings.  He met the grasp of his young friend with a squeeze as cordial as if no chord had jarred between them, and a slight sternness that had gathered about his eye disappeared in a look of natural kindness.

“’Tis well, Jasper,” he answered, laughing; “I bear no ill-will, nor shall any one on my behalf.  My natur’ is that of a white man, and that is to bear no malice.  It might have been ticklish work to have said half as much to the Sarpent here, though he is a Delaware, for color will have its way —­ "

A touch on his shoulder caused the speaker to cease.  Mabel was standing erect in the canoe, her light, but swelling form bent forward in an attitude of graceful earnestness, her finger on her lips, her head averted, her spirited eyes riveted on an opening in the bushes, and one arm extended with a fishing-rod, the end of which had touched the Pathfinder.  The latter bowed his head to a level with a look-out near which he had intentionally kept himself and then whispered to Jasper, —­

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