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Peculiarity in any kind requires encouragement in order to reach flower.  The increased facilities of communication between points once isolated, the interchange of customs and modes of thought, make this encouragement more and more difficult each decade.  The naturally inclined eccentric finds his sharp outlines rubbed off by unavoidable attrition with a larger world than owns him.  Insensibly he lends himself to the shaping hand of new ideas.  He gets his reversible cuffs and paper collars from Cambridge, Massachusetts, the scarabaeus in his scarf-pin from Mexico, and his ulster from everywhere.  He has passed out of the chrysalis state of Odd Stick; he has ceased to be parochial; he is no longer distinct; he is simply the Average Man.


     Adams, Nathaniel
     Addison, Joseph
     Allen, William
     Atkinson, Theodore
     Austin, Rebecca
     Beaujolais, DUC de
     Blay, Ruth
     Boggs, Amos
     Brewster, Charles Warren
     Bridget, Molly
     brown, Rev.  Arthur
     brown, captain Elihu D.
     Bruce, Cyrus
     Burroughs, Rev.  Dr. Charles
     Byles, Rev.  Mather
     Caroline, Queen
     Chadborn, Humphrey
     Charles, prince
     CHASTELLUX, marquis de
     Clagett, Wyseman
     Copley, John Singleton
     Dunyon, William
     Elizabeth, Queen
     Fenton, John
     Fowle, Daniel
     Fowle, Primus
     Franklin, Benjamin
     Furber, Thomas
     George I
     Gerry, Elbridge
     gorges, sir Ferdinand
     Guast, Pierre de
     Ham, Supply
     Hancock, John
     Hawthorne, Nathaniel
     Hilton, Martha
     Holmes, Oliver Wendell
     Holmes, Sol
     Jaffrey, George
     JAFFRIES, George Jaffrey
     Jewett, Sarah Orne
     Keais, Samual
     Kenny, Penelope
     Knox, general Henry
     Lafayette, marquis de
     Laighton, Albert
     Laighton, Oscar
     Langdon, colonel John
     Lear, Benjamin
     Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
     Macpheadris, Archibald
     MCDONOUGH, James
     Mason, Jeremiah
     Mason, John
     Mason, John Tufton
     march, Clement
     Mather, Rev.  Cotton
     Meserve, George
     Mitchel, lettuce
     Moffatt, Catherine
     Montpensier, DUC de
     Moses, Joseph
     Newman, Edward
     noble, mark
     Odiorne, Eben L.
     Packer, Thomas
     Peduzzi, Dominic
     Penhallow, Wibird
     Pepperell, sir William
     Pepys, Samual
     Philippe, Louis
     Phippes, Thomas
     Phipps, governor
     Pickering, John
     Pitt, William
     Pottle, William
     Pring, Martin
     Quincy, Dorothy
     Rochambeau, count de

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