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“I’m going to teach it to my brother and sister,” called one, as he turned in at his gate, “so that we can sing it together at home.”

“And so am I,” “And so am I,” called the others; “and we’ll sing it coming from school every night until we know it all.”

When Marjorie and the Dream were again alone, Marjorie continued humming the little tune, happily.

“The world is more beautiful than it was.  Don’t you think so?” said the Dream, presently.

“Yes,” said Marjorie.

“I suppose you know what was the best thing that you did there?” said the Dream.

“Yes,” said Marjorie.  “It was putting something true into their song, in place of what was silly and meaningless and untrue.”

“And you did it without making one of them feel cross or contrary.  You only showed them something better than they had, and did it without being obtrusive.  Every one wants what is better than he has;—­if he is allowed to take it of his own accord, and doesn’t have it thrust upon him.”

After this they walked along in silence for quite a long way, until they came to the top of a hill, and sat down to rest for a few moments.  Marjorie heaved a sigh as she looked away over the low, green hills, the shady woods, and the winding stream.  “I’ve come a long way,” she said, “and I haven’t done much;—­but I wanted to,—­you don’t know how I wanted to.”

“And what are you going to do now?” asked the Dream.

“Keep on,” said Marjorie, bravely.

“In just the same way?”

“No.  I’ve learned some things,—­and I shall learn some more.  I’ve made ever so many mistakes—­”

“But you’ve seen them,” said the Dream.

“Yes.  I don’t think I’ll make the same ones again;—­and I’ll try to watch and think, so that I will not make so many as I have,—­and—­but I wanted, so much, to find some real work to do!”

“Do you remember what I told you, a while ago, that real work is?”

“Yes.  Just helping, wisely.”

“And how can you help best?”

Marjorie mused for a moment.  “By loving, and living love,” she said; “and having your hand ready.”  And then, after a moment, “Do you suppose that I will ever find something big to do, instead of just the little bits by the wayside?”

“It is all ‘by the wayside,’” said the Dream; “and the big things will come,—­when you are big enough for them.”

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