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Everybody who is too much above or too much below the average of humanity—­an average which rises with the flux of time, but is absolutely fixed at any given moment of history—­does not live and disappears from the stage.

The idiot and the man of genius, the starving wretch and the millionaire, the dwarf and the giant, are so many natural or social monsters, and Nature inexorably blasts them with degeneracy or sterility, no matter whether they be the product of the organic life, or the effect of the social organization.

And so, all families possessing a monopoly of any kind—­monopoly of power, of wealth or of talent—­are inevitably destined to become in their latest offshoots imbeciles, sterile or suicides, and finally to become extinct.  Noble houses, dynasties of sovereigns, descendants of millionaires—­all follow the common law which, here again, serves to confirm the inductions—­in this sense, equalitarian—­of science and of socialism.


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LOMBROSO, L’uomo di genio, 6th edition, Turin, 1894, has developed and complemented this law.  This law, so easily forgotten, is neglected by RITCHIE (Darwinism and Politics.  London.  Sonnenschein, 1891.) in the section called “Does the doctrine of Heredity support Aristocracy?”


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