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When in a family financial affairs run smoothly and prosperously, harmony and mutual good-will prevail; as soon as poverty makes its appearance, discord and struggle ensue.  Society as a whole shows us the picture on a large scale.  A better social organization will insure universal harmony and mutual good-will.

This will be the achievement of socialism, and, to repeat, for this, the fullest and most fruitful interpretation of the inexorable natural laws discovered by Darwinism, we are indebted to socialism.



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[15] I regret that M. Loria, ordinarily so profound and acute, has here been deceived by appearances.  He has pointed out this pretended contradiction in his “Economic Foundations of Society” (available in English, Tr.).  He has been completely answered, in the name of the school of scientific criminal anthropology, by M. RIVIERI DE ROCCHI, Il diritto penale e un’opera recente di Loria in Scuola positiva nella giurisprudenza penale of Feb. 15, 1894, and by M. LOMBROSO, in Archivio di psichiatria e scienza penali, 1894, XIV, fasc.  C.

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A recent work has just given scientific confirmation to our inductions:  FORSINARI DI VERCE, Sulla criminalita e le vicende economiche d’Italia dal 1873 al 1890.  Turin, 1894.  The preface written by Lombroso concludes in the following words:  “We do not wish, therefore, to slight or neglect the truth of the socialist movement, which is destined to changed the current of modern European thought and action, and which contends ad majorem gloriam of its conclusions that all criminality depends on the influence of the economic environment.  We also believe in this doctrine, though we are unwilling and unable to accept the erroneous conclusions drawn from it.  However enthusiastic we may be, we will never, in its honor, renounce the truth.  We leave this useless servility to the upholders of classical orthodoxy.”

[17] A skin-disease endemic in Northern Italy.  Tr.

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