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1833.  Slavery abolished in
British Colonies.

1834.  Lincoln elected to Illinois

1836-40.  Great Boer Trek.

1837.  End of Jackson’s second 1837.  Queen Victoria’s accession.
presidency.  First steam-boat from
England to America.

1838.  First telegraph line in

1839.  Lord Durham’s report on

1841.  First telegraph in America.

1842.  Lincoln leaves Illinois
legislature, and (Nov.)
is married.

1844.  “Martin Chuzzlewit”

1845.  Annexation of Texas.

1846.   Boundary of Oregon and       1846.   Boundary of Oregon and
British Columbia settled            British Columbia settled
with Great Britain.                 with U. S. A.

1846-7.  Mexican War. 1846-7.  Irish famine.

1847-8.  Lincoln in Congress.

1848.   Gold discovery in            1848.   Revolution in France and
California.                         in many parts of Europe.

1850.  Clay’s compromise adopted. 1850.  Constitution Act for
Death of Calham.  Australian colonies.

1852.  Deaths of Clay and Webster. 1852.  Constitution Act for New

1854.  Missouri Compromise 1854-5.  Gold rush to Australia.
Republican Party formed.  Crimean War.

                                     1854-6.  Abolition of slavery in
                                                various Portuguese

1856.  Defeat of Fremont by

1857.  Dred Scott case. 1857-8.  Indian Mutiny.

1858.  Kansas.  Lincoln-Douglas

1859.  John Brown’s raid. 1859.  Publication of “Origin of

1859-60.  Kingdom of Italy formed.

1860.   Nov.   Lincoln elected        1860.   Slavery abolished in Dutch
President.                           East Indies.

Dec.  Secession carried in
South Carolina.

1861.   Feb. 4.   Southern            1861.   Emancipation of Russian
Confederacy formed.                 serfs.

        Mar. 4.  Lincoln inaugurated.

        Ap. 12-14.  Bombardment
          of Fort Sumter.

        Ap.  War begins.  Further

        July.  First Battle of Bull

        Dec.  Claim of Great Britain
          as to Trent accepted.

1862.   Ap.-Aug.   McClellan in       1862.  Alabama escapes from the
Peninsula.                           Mersey (July).

        Ap.  Shiloh.

        May.  Jackson in Shenandoah

        Aug.-Oct.  Confederates in

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