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These examples of an apostolic awakening that come to us from countries where religious conditions are very much the same as those that prevail in Western Canada, are most illuminating.  They sound to us like the Master’s voice:  “Why stand idle all day . . . go you also into my vineyard.”

[1] Since the principle of charity is God and the person who loves, it must needs be that the affection of love increases in proportion to the nearness to one another of these principles.  For wherever we find a principle order depends on relation to that principle. (Summa.  II, II Qu. 26 art. 7.)

[2] Cfr.  “Army and Religion.”—­Book written by Protestant Army Chaplains.  It is a candid record of the failure of the Churches, Anglican and Evangelical, at the front, during the great war.



Obstacles that impede. . . .  Circumstances that help the work of the Church in Western Canada.

The opening of the North West Territories to immigration, and their creation into distinct Provinces of the Dominion stand as land marks of portentous meaning in the History of Canada.  The settlement and development of these immense fertile prairies of the West were bound to react on the economic powers and political outlook of our Country.  By the sheer weight of their economic value these new Provinces have leaped into prominence and forced themselves upon the attention of the Country at large.  The Western issues are now so weighty that only the greatest prudence and wisest statesmanship will maintain the equilibrium between the conflicting forces of the East and the West of our broad Dominion.  Canada now stands at the parting of the ways in its home and foreign policy.  Every true and patriotic Canadian is proud of the progressiveness of these new Provinces beyond our great Lakes and anxious to see them bring their contributions to the Commonwealth by sharing in the direction of its government.  Their presence around the family table is not that of strangers or intruders, but of young, stalwart and rightly ambitious sons.

Yet, as Religion is the necessary factor of true prosperity, the religious outlook in these young Provinces is what naturally appeals to the Catholic mind.  What are then the prospects for the Church in Western Canada?  A rapid survey of conditions will enable us to take our bearings and impress upon our minds the value of our co-operation at this juncture of our History.  The Church in the West is in its making and we cannot over-emphasize the responsibility of every Catholic in the matter.  The knowledge of existing conditions will be to us what the topography of the country under survey is to the engineer.  It helps to adjust the vision, to give the sense of proportion and to suggest the easiest grades.

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