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The appeal that comes to the Church of Canada from the Catholic Extension is straightforward.  It needs no apology.  It stands its ground on its own merits.  It is not—­let us never forget it—­an appeal to our charity.  It is a pressing call to accomplish a sacred duty, a timely warning not to neglect it.  And indeed, active co-operation in the work of Extension is, we repeat, an unfaltering belief in the reality of our Catholicism.  It knits our soul to the very soul of the Church, our heart to Her heart.

Strengthened by these highest motives of Catholic Solidarity and Christian Charity we should give joyfully and generously.  Let us levy a tax on our income, no matter how small it may be, remembering the fiduciary character of our earthly possessions.  Let us give our time and our services to this noble Cause.  Let us give lovingly and willingly our children to the great harvest, if it be God’s will to call them to His service.  But above all let us pray that the Kingdom of Jesus Christ may come in our beloved Country through the Extension of His divine Church.

[1] This chapter formed the substance of a Sermon preached on “Extension Sunday” in St. Finnan’s Cathedral, Alexandria, Ont.



Militancy is the characteristic feature of God’s Church on earth.  New dangers, fresh struggles await Her at every turn of the road in Her onward march to eternity.  Assailed from within by her own children, attacked from without by bitter enemies, she is ever working out through the frailties of human nature her sublime destiny.  Not of this world, but passing through it, She has necessarily to suffer from the inherent weakness of her children.  It is the human side of the divine Church.  Those who would be scandalized at this ever renascent warfare against the Catholic Church, in all times and in all countries, should remember that this hall-mark of true Christianity is the fulfillment of Christ’s promise and the realization of his prophecy.

In this great firing line of the Church militant every Catholic has his place.  His marked duty is to make the divine triumph over the human in his individual life and through it—­no matter how limited his circle of influence may be—­in the great life of the Church and in society at large.  He should make his own the various problems confronting the Church in his country and help, within the sphere of his activities, to offer a happy solution.

Two great problems now face the Church in Canada, and tax to the utmost the wisdom of its leaders:  The race problem and the Ruthenian problem.  In many centres the former has weakened the principle of authority and paralyzed our efforts of co-operation; the latter means a tremendous leakage through which the Church, particularly in Western Canada, is losing every day an important and vital factor.

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