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   2. Colonization?

   3. Young Men’s Association—­on Y.M.C.A. lines.  Young Girls’
      Association—­on Y.W.C.A. lines—­Girls’ homes.

6.  Committee on “Public Charities.”

Children’s Aid—­Orphanages—­Free Kindergartens—­Day-nurseries—­Juvenile Courts—­Preventive and curative work.

7.  Committee on “Labour Problem.”

Labour Unions—­Living wage—­Child labour—­Care of girl-workers, etc.

N.B.—­The great point to elucidate in these matters is:  Must we, and how far can we, co-operate with non-Catholic bodies?  This is a very important point, far reaching in its consequences.

8.  Committee on “Resolutions.”

“The resolutions are to embody the fruit of the collective experience and deliberations of the Congress.  They will remain then as the profession of Catholic conviction and go far to create public opinion on the questions of the day.” (Fr. Plater.)

And indeed, public discussion awakens new thoughts, gives various views of a topic, suggests practical conclusions, expedient measures.  It is the crystallizing process of all the activities of the Congress.

III—­After the Congress.

The good results of a Congress are made permanent by the establishment of: 

1. A permanent Committee of Clergy and laity—­who meet occasionally to stimulate or check activities of the body at large.

2. A Vigilance Committee

(a) On legislation.—­To watch and initiate legislation—­for different Provinces.

(b) On press.

(c) On social work.

3. Bureau.—­Clearing house—­where “expert knowledge and effective presentation” are to be found.  To this bureau should be attached a priest who would specialize in social work.  He could be helped by an efficient secretary.  His would be the energy that would carry to the various organizations life and power.  The “Volksverein” in Catholic Germany was a model in this line of work.

* * * * * *

Praesentia tangens . . . futura prospiciens” is a motto which translates well the lofty ideal Catholics should have before their eyes at this turning point of history.  Although we stand amid the ruins accumulated during four long years of war and are confronted by distressing after-war problems in every order of human activity, still we raise our heads in hope and look beyond the crude realities of the present to a brighter day breaking on the horizon of time, a day tinted with the rising sun of Christian doctrine. . . .

Instaurare omnia in Christo . . . to re-establish all things in Christ, is the only reconstruction that will last.



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