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The following editorial remarks accompanied its publication.  “We are indebted to Rev. Father Daly, C.SS.R., of Regina, for a thoughtful contribution on the needs of the Catholic Press in Western Canada.  This subject is by no means new.  Most people have had a fling at it one time or another, and those have been most insistent as a rule who have known least about it.  The article under consideration, however, which may be found upon another page, besides pointing out the difficulties which must be encountered and overcome, outlines a constructive policy which should engage the earnest attention of the Catholic public.  A scheme of development is there in broad outline and it is with particular pleasure that we call our readers’ attention to it.  We would ask them to study it—­particularly those who have had some practical experience in newspaper work—­and to give us the benefit of their thought and experience.  A special invitation is extended to our staff of faithful correspondents and contributors who have stuck to their posts through fair weather and foul at considerable expense and inconvenience to themselves.  They are in a position to realize in a very special manner the difficulties of the situation and their suggestions should prove invaluable.  If everyone interested would expend a fraction of the energy wasted in destructive criticism in working out a scheme of practical operation along constructive lines much good would result therefrom.  Suggestions need not necessarily be for publication.  Any communication marked “not for publication” shall be, needless to state, regarded as private and confidential.  But let all help.  An old newspaper maxim is to the effect that the printer’s devil has ideas that the editor or business manager would pay good money for.”



Immigration!—­Are We ready for It?

Demobilization is over.  Canada has settled down to the work of “Reconstruction.”  Already the eyes of every serious minded Canadian scan the horizon, wondering if these transatlantic liners now bound for our ports carry in their dark hulls hosts of new settlers.  Immigration is the topic of the hour.  Confronted as we are by a fabulous national debt, GREATER PRODUCTION is the only solution.  This intense and extensive development of agriculture and industry necessarily involves immigration.—­Immigration is therefore an economic necessity.

War-wearied nations of Europe are just waking up to the realities of conditions.  The dark cloud has lifted only to show everywhere silent industries and desolate fields.  Thousands and hundreds of thousands are turning their eyes to the “New World”—­as to the “Land of Opportunity.”  They need Canada to break away from a gloomy past, just as Canada needs them to build a bright and prosperous future.

Opinions may vary as to the time when immigration will be once more at its height, but all seem to agree on the certainty of the fact.[1] Probably the British Isles will open the march in the onward rush to Canada; Continental Europe will follow in their wake.  Already the various philanthropic and religious organizations are preparing to welcome the new-comer to our Shores.

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