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{Illustration:  Fig. 1.  A HUMAN TESTICLE.  Perfectly Healthy. [From Gray’s Anatomy.] Each lobule may be seen (carefully guarded from pressure or injury) in its cell, with a strong fibrous partition on each side.  All these lobules empty into small ducts which converging form the Globus Major, Epididymis and Globus Minor, which finally end in the Vas Deferens, Cord, Duct, or Tube that conveys the fluid to the Seminal Vesicles at the back of the bladder. (See Figs. 5, 6.) As the veins of a Varicocele surround these delicate lobules as well as fine tubing, it can readily be seen how easily such pressure, weight and crowding may do very serious injury and make the flow of semen irregular, or shut it off altogether.}
{Illustration:  Fig. 2.  HUMAN SPERMATAZOA. [From Gray’s Anatomy.] A. Healthy, well developed and active zoa-sperms from the Vital Fluid of a strong, robust man.  B. Showing cells and bunches, in which form they are secreted or made by the testicles.}

And is it surprising that the continual losses do drain away strength and vitality?  This fluid is the only one charged with life—­actual life; capable of producing life—­of creating offspring—­of impregnating and developing into perfect being, with thinking and reasoning brain and mind, pulsating heart, expanding lungs, sentient nerves, motive muscle, and all that beautiful, minute and co-ordinate mechanism that forms a perfect human being—­the only secretion in the body capable of propagating species—­carrying life within life.

Surely this was not meant for waste.  Surely the influence of its loss upon the system, especially of a boy or young man (growing and not fully developed), must be great, and it is.  Many and many a young man thus wastes away before the eyes of his friends from no other cause.  Many a one loses health and strength from this cause alone, yet does not know it.  How much better if all this false modesty, social hypocrisy, and blundering medical dosing and drugging, without thorough examination and full understanding, were wholly done away with, and the young men, and old men too, were brought to understand two cardinal facts: 

(a) The immense devitalizing effects of even small continued losses of vital fluid, and,

(b) The fact that many apparently strong and healthy, as well as weak and nerveless, men who find their sexual powers gradually or suddenly failing them, can, in nine cases out of ten, trace it directly to losses of vital fluid in the urine or otherwise, that have been going on—­perhaps wholly unknown to them—­for months or years past.

(See also chapter on “Hidden Spermatorrhoea”)


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