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Many years’ experience in the treatment of these debilitating diseases has proven very surely that there are many causes besides Self-Abuse (Self-Pollution, Secret Vice or Masturbation) for Spermatorrhoea, Impotency and Debility or Lost Manhood.  Self-Abuse is the most common cause, and we therefore give it the most prominence.  The others we will name briefly in about the order of their frequency.

1.  MARRIAGE EXCESSES.—­A very common cause, more often producing Impotency (loss of Sexual Desire or Power) and Sterility (inability to beget offspring), than Spermatorrhoea (loss of vital fluid, daily and nightly losses, losses in the urine, nervous prostration, debility, insanity, paralysis, &c.  For full description of symptoms, see pages 12-16).  Sexual desire was given to mankind, like any other power or appetite—­to be enjoyed in reasonable moderation and for the purpose of insuring a continuance of our species by the birth of offspring.  Many men abuse this power—­abuse it inordinately, shamefully—­and suffer the consequences.  This is especially true of the newly married, and men advanced in years, who push their failing powers too far.  As a just retribution for the abuse of so important a function, the Almighty deprives some of desire, some of power, some of both.

2.  ONANISM.—­By many this is confused with Masturbation or Self-Abuse.  While like it in some respects and in many of its consequences, it is still different.  It is as hurtful to an adult as abuse is to a young person.  God punished Onan for this sin, hence its name.  Yet, despite this terrible example so plainly set forth in the Old Testament, probably one-half of the married men of the present day are pursuing it, and hence so many Impotent and Powerless persons, seeking vainly amongst the many cheap, quack remedies for something to re-invigorate and re-vitalize them.

This is a terrible vice, terrible in its consequences, and however hardy and robust the man, sooner or later his sexual powers must and will succumb to the strain.  Many men write us, saying that they never masturbated, and yet are totally impotent and cannot understand why it is.  And yet they have been thus injuring themselves for years!

Sexual power and desire were given us for one purpose—­the perpetuation of our species, and whoso endeavors to avoid this, must suffer.  Many married couples do not want more children, from care, poverty or other causes, and hence the extent to which this terrible practice is indulged.  It must be from ignorance, for were it commonly known how injurious this practice is, but few would dare take the terrible risk.

And yet the resulting weakness can be speedily cured if properly treated.  In no class of cases have the Civiale Remedies achieved greater success than in these.

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