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No more delicate, complicated or easily injured or disarranged piece of mechanism than the Sexual Organs exists.  In health, they must be treated with care and reason—­in disease, with the utmost circumspection.  This branch of medicine, least of all, should be the parade ground of ignorance, carelessness or false economy.  A man’s very health, life, happiness and vigor, his power to procreate his species, to perpetuate his name, his ability to make his wife happy and his children strong and vigorous, all depend upon the treatment he selects.  What is worth doing at all is worth doing well, and he who jeopardizes health and happiness, present and future, on the mistaken basis of false economy, is far from wise.

Everything has a value.  If a man offers to sell to another a gold watch worth $150 for $5, you would at once set him down as an impostor, and the watch as injured or worthless or fraudulent.  Yet there are thousands of men who try to find for a few dollars a remedy for a most serious and complicated disease.  In medicine, as elsewhere, Common Sense plays an important part.  Such remedies cannot possibly do what is claimed for them.  Reputable, honest men, educated and skilled physicians who have spent thousands of dollars in obtaining a proper medical education, cannot afford to waste their time for such slight remuneration.  Hence, unscrupulous scoundrels, who have no reputations either to make or lose, who make most glaring promises in their printed matter, who are willing to guarantee anything to anybody, infest this field.  They know how great is man’s cupidity, and trade upon it willingly, caring nothing for the consequences.


We not speak thus disparagingly of cheap remedies because ours are dear, for no patient who has gone the round of cheap remedies, and has at last profited by Civiale’s method, but will tell you that our treatment is cheap at any price.

We charge what we consider a fair and reasonable profit on our remedies.  Our entire institution is conducted on the very highest and most ethical medical basis.  The Physicians comprising our Consulting Staff are men of the best standing, of fine education, and having special experience in this branch of medical science; our remedies are made up under the direct personal supervision of one of the most expert chemists in this country, and precisely after Civiale’s formulae; our drugs are purchased from such firms as McKesson & Robbins, Schieffelin, etc., and are of the purest and best, and our aim at all times is to give the patient consulting us the full value of his money.

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