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“This treatment does not interfere with any regular habits or employment, and may be followed without the knowledge or suspicion of any person whatever.  It is beneficial to the general health and quite pleasant in its effects, giving the person a rejuvenated, buoyant feeling, infusing new life and manhood; seemingly dashing young strong blood through all the sluggish veins and arteries of the form.”

To those who really need this treatment its importance cannot be overestimated.  Each sufferer can answer to himself how very different life would be if free from his infirmity.  Would you not be better capacitated for business, labor or pleasure?  Is not your mind on the rack often—­perhaps always?  Have you not at this time, and in consequence of this deficiency, a tendency to misanthrophy, a bitter feeling that you are the victim of an unkind Providence, or else bowed by humiliation due to your own ignorance or vices?  Does not your very incapacity keep your mind filled with lewd thoughts, which in a state of perfect manhood would not exist?

From the confession of hundreds we know how each of you will answer most or all of these questions.

Is not the means, then, which will raise you above these deplorable conditions, a blessing inestimable?  Is it not an agent of moral as well as physical regeneration?  When this means of deliverance is offered, will you hesitate in availing yourself of its benefits and making it known to others who are sufferers like yourself?  Let an honest heart and candid judgment answer for you.


There are many men who are affected more or less seriously with Diseases of the Sexual Organs who are constantly on the look-out for so-called cheap remedies, and in the course of a few years manage to spend upon these cheap and trashy medicines and appliances twice or three times as much money as would have been necessary to thoroughly cure them.  And what have they got to show for it?  Nothing—­absolutely nothing, aye, even worse than nothing, i.e., positive injury to the organs, for, in nine cases out of ten, these cheap, clap-trap potions, by over stimulating, imitating and often inflaming the organs, do them actual harm, hasten and aggravate the disease and leave the patient in a much worse condition than if he had taken no treatment at all.

How often have we had cases referred to us for diagnosis and treatment, where irreparable injury had been done by wrong treatment.  Some were in such a state that no treatment, however excellent, could possibly help them; in others we have had to labor for months to eliminate these poisonous medicines from the system and get the Sexual Organs into proper condition to admit of a restorative treatment; and in still others the effect of our usually quick and thorough-going remedies were delayed and interfered with by the ignorance or botchwork of some quack or bungler, or the well-meant but stupid doctoring of some “family physician” who thinks himself competent to treat these diseases.

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