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Our correspondents are candid—­they cannot well afford to be otherwise—­and it is seldom we read one of their letters without feeling all the interest in the writer that one can for an honest suffering fellow being.  We would not feel this interest did they not evince an earnest desire to profit by their misfortunes.  Our aid is not sought by those wishing a brute’s power for excesses, for we hold out no inducements to this class, but plainly tell them that they will inevitably pay the penalty for abuse of nature’s laws.  Nor are our patrons among the vicious and imaginative youth, or the class termed “greenhorns.”  We confine our advertising almost wholly to the daily press, thus reaching the most intelligent class of citizens only.

We regret that, for obvious reasons, we cannot present some of the letters we have received from those who have been treated by our method.  We are pledged to secresy with our correspondents, however, and cannot use their names publicly; we cannot publish testimonials, although we have scores of such a nature as to satisfy the most incredulous, yet all must understand that it would be a breach of confidence on our part to make these public, and would ruin our practice besides, as we can only do business of this nature under guarantee of strict privacy.  But of the many hundreds we have successfully treated, a number have voluntarily given us permission to refer to them in correspondence with interested parties.

We will cheerfully furnish, on conditions named below, a list of some of the persons who have taken this mode of treatment, been thoroughly developed in size and strength of the organs, and relieved of every trace of seminal disease or weakness, and from gratitude and good hearts have volunteered to answer any questions addressed to them by interested persons, who are, of course, expected to hold such correspondence confidential.  Bear in mind that we use these names only by permission, which was given us unsought by patrons who paid for our services, and now tender this privilege more through kindness to sufferers than a desire to benefit us financially.  To save these gentlemen annoyance and useless correspondence, we prefer not to furnish their names except to those who have had previous correspondence with us and who will accompany the request with references.


We are sorry to note in some of our patrons a feeling of shame in taking this treatment.  Such feeling we cannot but regard as absurd, and the outgrowth of false ideas.  If their present condition has been brought on by evil habits, it is well enough to be ashamed of that fact, but it is certainly altogether creditable to make use of the first opportunity to restore or attain a perfectly natural condition and check such disastrous losses, and in many cases it is absolutely necessary for the welfare and happiness of themselves and others.  A well-known medical writer says: 

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