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Furthermore:  Of late years there have sprung up in various parts of the country, physicians and firms who have made it a business to prey upon foolish young men, who took everything that was sent to them for gospel.  There are many young men (and old men, too) who do not know us, and for their benefit we have drawn up here and submitted such proofs of our probity, fair dealing and medical capacity, as well as of the reliability of the Civiale Remedies, as will, we believe, carry conviction of our truthfulness and probity to any honest man’s mind.

We have always been averse to parading before the eyes of the careless, scoffing world the sufferings of the victims of abuse or excess, even when by doing so we might profit largely by such a course.  We have a large number of letters from persons who have been cured by this treatment constantly on file in our office, and any sufferer really in earnest will be gladly given permission to examine them, should he so desire.  But we certainly shall not parade such letters, written to us in the strictest confidence and secrecy, to every reader of a treatise of this kind, especially when we give an abundance of equally as good proof of another kind.

If we have always dealt fairly and with professional honor and ability with our corresponding and office patients in the past, we certainly shall continue to do so in the future.

First, let us call your attention to two very recent and very flattering extracts from editorial articles that appeared in newspapers of known standing and reputation in the city of New York, both of which articles were wholly unsolicited by us, being the spontaneous testimony of wholly disinterested journals.


from the


Of this Country and France.


From the New York TRIBUNE AND FARMER, Nov. 22, 1884.

It is a well-recognized fact by writers upon longevity that the men of the present day, both old and young, are less manly and vigorous, less able to resist the attacks of acute disease, and not only less likely to produce healthy and vigorous offspring, but in the majority of instances producing a fewer number as well as a less vigorous and robust progeny.  The ratio of births to deaths has fallen off some 12 per cent. in births in the past fifteen years.  This fact, coupled with the equally startling consideration that the mortality of infants has increased about 11 per cent. in the past ten years, must needs fill the mind of a lover of his kind with dismay and alarm.  Although invested and thickly hedged about by ideas of false modesty and pseudo-propriety, in reality the whole fabric of national and individual prosperity, health, vigor and enjoyment, as well as the very important perpetuation of our species, depend upon perfectly strong, healthy and vigorous procreative powers.  As an oak cannot grow from a flower seed, neither can weak, puny and debilitated parents give birth to strong, vigorous and mentally sound and active progeny.

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