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But neither one alone will cure a really serious case of Varicocele.  Combine them, however, properly and scientifically, so that you have the practical outcome of these three sound principles of cure in the one appliance, and


Such a perfect and practical combination is to be found in the Elastic self-adjusting and adjustable Cradle and Compressor, which has succeeded in curing many very serious and (apparently) hopeless cases.  Patented and thoroughly protected from all infringements and imitations (and many would-be ones, seeing our success and recognizing the merits of the Cradle-Compressor, have lately sprung up), both in this country and Europe, there is nothing like it.  It combines all the good points of all previous instruments, and being easy to wear, rapid and pleasing in its results, and certain in its effects, is the only rational means for radically curing this disease.

Briefly:  It consists of a very light and elastic triangle of tempered steel bands, that rests on the front of the abdomen, and is held in place by a soft silk-elastic waist-band.  In each of the slanting arms of the triangle are small holes that admit the central pivot of a bell-pad, having a central spring, and so adjusted that it adapts itself to every movement of the body without being misplaced.  By means of a thumb-screw and the perforations, it (the spring bell-pad) can be set at any point in the groin, and can be changed from day to day and hour to hour.

{Illustration:  Fig. 13.  INSTRUMENT ON BODY. a. a. Transverse Steel Band; b. b. Elastic Waist Belt; c. d. Metallic Arms, perforated to permit change of pad pressure; e. Pubic Shield to which Elastic Cradle is attached; f. Bell Spring Pad.}

By means of pivotal joints at the angles, the appliance can be made to fit any one perfectly; moreover, by means of the metallic shoulder below, the arms can be thrown into any lateral variation of the groin line.

We thus are able to obtain all the marked benefits of a truss without any of its drawbacks; and that special disadvantage, steady and wearisome pressure at one point, is wholly obviated.  The whole appliance is held in place below by means of perineal tubular rubber bands that connect with the waist-belt behind.

Attached to the metallic shoulder below is the Elastic, Glove-Fitting, Self-Adjusting Testicle-Cradle, by means of which not only are the testicles perfectly supported and rested, but by the sheet-rubber lining and the elastic tie bands, a constant, easy and perfectly painless elastic pressure is kept up on the dilated and sagging veins, which are thereby emptied of their unhealthy and stagnated blood and allowed to regain their tone, strength and contractility.

By means of the elastic bands it is easy to regulate the amount of pressure, thereby constantly adapting it to the improvement that is steadily taking place.

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