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SYMPTOMS:  Emissions (day or night), Oozing of a glairy fluid under excitement and imaginings, presence of the opposite sex, etc., Partial and Imperfect Erections, Desire to Masturbate, Formation of Evil Pictures in the Mind, Flushing and Chilliness, Stupidity and Tendency to Doze or Sleep, Mental Hebetude, Failing Memory, Lack of Power of Application, Energy or Concentration, Restlessness, Pain and Smarting in passing urine, Wetting the Bed, Pain in the Kidneys, Headache, Pimples on the face or body, Itching or peculiar sensations about the scrotum (bag), thighs, legs, anus, etc., Wasting of the Organs, Stringiness and Softening of the Testicles, Dyspepsia, Sluggish Bowels, Torpid Liver, Failing Sight, Pains in the Head (front, top and back), Chest, Limbs, etc., Sensation of the Bowels Falling Out, Dizziness on stooping over or kneeling, Specks before the Eyes, Erotic dreams, Melancholy (developing sometimes into Insanity), Numbness of arms, hands, feet or legs (precursors of Paralysis), Twitchings of the muscles of the eyelids and elsewhere (sometimes ending in Epileptic Fits or St. Vitus’ Dance), Timidity, Diabetes and Deposits in the Urine, Troubled Breathing, Indecision, Loss of Will Power, Bashfulness, Burning of the face, Coldness and Clamminess of the feet and hands, also of the Scrotum (or bag), Palpitation of the heart, Early loss of fluid during connection.  Feelings of gloom, despondency, hopelessness of a cure, or fear of impending danger or misfortune, Tenderness of the scalp and spine, Dryness and Itching of the skin, Sudden Sweating, Sudden Nervous Trembling, Noises and Reports in the ears and brain, Weight on the brain, Weak and flabby muscles, easily tired after slight exertion, Desire to sleep late in the mornings, and failure to be rested by sleep, Weakness and torpor the day after a nightly emission has occurred, the Oozing of a thick white fluid from the urethra when constipated or straining at stool, Varicocele, etc., etc.

    $5 per Box. 
    Full Course of 3 Boxes, for obstinate and chronic cases, $12.

SPECIAL NOTE.—­It is a rare thing for any one patient to have all these symptoms, and some may have some not here mentioned, but it is important to know just which they do have.  Persons desiring treatment will, therefore, please tear out the proper page, and having crossed out such symptoms as they do not have, return it to us for the consideration of our physician.  To save delay, it is best in ordinarily severe cases to send the price of one course, and leave the selection to our physician’s discretion.  When less is needed than what is paid for, the balance due the patient will be returned to him with the necessary medicine.



For Impotence, Failing or Lost Strength and Vigor of the Generative Organs, Sterility, etc., etc.

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