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We feel no hesitation whatever in guaranteeing a perfect and permanent cure of Spermatorrhoea, Impotence, Debility, &c., &c., in any case wherein our Medical Director decides that a cure is possible by any means, if the patient will use reasonable care and diligence in pursuing the treatment, and this is not hard or tiresome; on the contrary, it is easy, simple and direct.

We say “in any case wherein our Medical Director decides that a cure is possible by any means,” and we say it with a purpose, for it is our aim and desire, at all times, to be perfectly frank and honest with those who consult us.  There are cases that no remedy, be it ever so good, can cure, and when such a one occurs in our practice, we endeavor to show the patient his exact condition, and not (as is so often done) try to persuade him to purchase remedies that we know will do him no good, or, at least, be but an experiment.  So, in consulting our Physicians, you may be sure of at least an honest opinion, in exact conformity with the facts in your case.



The Different Forms of Remedies for Different Forms of Sexual and
Urinary Diseases.

These Crayons are put up in packages, each of which will last one month.  A single package is ordinarily sufficient for mild cases of either Spermatorrhoea or Impotence.  From two to three packages are required for chronic, severe or obstinate cases, or where the person is much debilitated or advanced in years.  There are five kinds: 

      No. 1—­For Spermatorrhoea and Chronic Debility. 
      No. 2—­For Impotence or Lost Power. 
      No. 3—­For Urinary, Kidney, Bladder or Prostate Troubles. 
      No. 4—­For Gonorrhoea. 
      No. 5—­For Gleet and Stricture (of Venereal Origin). 
Also:  No. 6—­A Before-Marriage Tonic Course. 
      No. 7—­A Developing Lotion for Weak and Wasted Organs.

The following are the main symptoms of each class, with the kind of course they usually call for.  If the patient has the symptoms of both classes he is evidently in an advanced stage, and needs both courses.


The reader is warned against confounding the CIVIALE URETHRAL CRAYONS with the American Medicated Bougies, Injections, Pastilles, and the like.  The disease is really seated in the Urethra (urine canal), and can be easily and painlessly medicated, and certainly cured, by means of the CIVIALE CRAYONS.

  {Illustration:  Fig. 8. 
  Exact Size and Shape of a +Civiale Soluble Urethral Crayon+. 
  (Inserted into canal of organ).}



For Spermatorrhoea, Nervous Debility and Masturbation.

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