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5.  Their price is so reasonable as to place them within the reach of all.

6.  They may be used to cure gleet, stricture and prostatitis, when complicating Spermatorrhoea or Impotence.

7.  They never decompose or lose their strength.

8.  They are absolutely free from minerals, mercurials, caustics or irritants.

9.  They will do precisely what and all that is claimed for them.

+Civiale’s+ knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the Genito-Urinary (Sexual and Urinary) organs, especially fitted him to study and investigate this subject.  It did not take him long to perceive that +Lallemand’s+ idea that the deep urethra, where the seminal ducts open into it, was the real seat of the disease in both +Spermatorrhoea+ and +Impotence+, was the true and correct one, and therefore, that any plan of treatment, to be successful, must look to allaying and healing the inflammation, congestion or ulceration of the urethra at the neck of the bladder, and stopping the losses.

He reasoned that when the inflammation, irritation and spasm of these parts, and of the seminal ducts, was relieved, the drain of the vital fluid would cease, the dilated mouths of the ducts contract, the vital fluid become thicker and healthier, the organs increase to natural size, and the distressing nervous symptoms, oftentimes dangerous to life or reason, cease to trouble the patient.

  {Illustration:  Fig. 7. 
  Exact Size and Shape of a +Civiale Soluble Urethral Crayon+. 
  (Inserted into canal of organ.)}

These Crayons shown here are small, soft, smooth, perfectly flexible, and dissolve as soon as they are pushed into the urethral canal, thus bringing the remedies directly in contact with the ulcerated and eroded parts, it even running down the ducts into the seminal vesicles themselves.

The growth, vigor and future prosperity of every nation depend upon the strength and energy of its young men, and if the places of the robust and healthy are to be filled by effeminate, weakened, nervous and physically drained youths, such as the terrible vice of masturbation is yearly giving us, the results cannot be other than disastrous.  The advice, warning and guidance of parents and guardians must be looked to for prevention; the method and remedies of +Lallemand+ and +Civiale+ for a cure.


There are some persons who, from having used various forms of medicated bougies—­having had sounds, catheters and bougies roughly passed upon them by unskillful persons—­or merely from an indistinct belief, based upon hearsay or tradition, feel some hesitancy about passing anything into the organ for fear that it may do harm, cause pain, or give rise to stricture.

The majority of these timid people have got this idea from hearing it said that stricture and inflammation have often been caused by gonorrhoea (clap) injections, and they therefore have the idea that anything put into the urethra will do harm.  There is not the slightest doubt but that strong injections of nitrate of silver, zinc, copper, carbolic acid and the like (of which these injections are usually made) have, in many instances, caused severe inflammation and, eventually, stricture.

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