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There are those (let it be hoped they are really honest in their ignorance) who look upon marriage as the only real cure for Seminal Weaknesses.  Even if it were a fact that the marital relations did accomplish such a result (and they never do, as bear witness the thousands who are to-day weak, exhausted, ex-sanguinated, unhappy, nerveless, hopeless wrecks, who are cursing the ignorant pretenders who gave this false—­this fatal advice); even if such a result was a certainty, what right has any man to besmirch and soil the purity of a happy and innocent maiden for such a purpose?  By what law of humanity are woman’s hopes and happiness to be hazarded on so fragile a basis, her bark of life to be launched into a pool of such sickening bestiality?  Such marriages bear and are bearing deadly fruit before our eyes day by day, in infidelity, abandonment, suicide, insanity, crime and prostitution—­in disease and misery, even to the third and fourth generation.


No more delicate or wonderful piece of mechanism, no more grandly conceived and wonderfully perfected bit of God’s handicraft is to be found than the Male and Female Sexual Organs.  It is a wonder to those who have made these parts (with their elastic vessels, cavernous sinuses, network of nervous ganglia and fibrillae, chain of lymphatics, periodical ovulation, timed pubescence, and perfected, co-ordinate functions) a study, that they stand abuse and excess so well; that the fierce blasts of lust and passion that sear and scorch them and well-nigh dry up their fountain springs of vitality and fecundity, do not wholly destroy or hopelessly disarrange their delicate tissues and functions.

The first few years of married life, even to a healthy man, are fraught with dangers he knows nothing of.  How much more then is the sufferer from a present or even a former Seminal Weakness in danger.

No man, be he ever so healthy, ever so conscious of purity and freedom from abuse, should enter the marital state without preparing for the strain naturally to be expected.  As the voice, skin, hair, manner and morals of the youth change at the period of puberty (when the sexual power is first developed—­when he first becomes a man), so does the system, mental and moral, change when he enters the bonds of matrimony.  If at puberty new diseases are prone to show themselves and old ones to be outgrown, so at marriage a like change must be at least expected, and he who blindly or thoughtlessly hazards a leap in the dark is foolish, or rather foolhardy.


Especially for the use of young men who have endangered or injured their sexual power by abuse in early years, and for older men who have exhausted themselves by later excesses. +Prof.  Civiale+ was wont (very wisely, we know from actual experience) to prescribe, for a few months before marriage, a +Special Tonic and Strengthening Marital Course of Remedies+, having three distinct ends in view, viz.: 

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