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Our physicians hold no pecuniary interest in the Agency, and hence prescribe for each case solely on its merits, having nothing to gain by selling less or more to any one under their care.  They see and treat each case solely and wholly from a medical standpoint, and hence are never influenced by any pecuniary considerations whatsoever.  However great the reputation of our physicians may be, we have, from the first organization of this institution, taken and held the ground that the best interest of the patient is best served by resolutely divorcing the Medical from the Business Department.

CIVIALE REMEDIAL AGENCY.  Mailing and Shipping Departments, Business Offices, Consulting Rooms, 174 FULTON ST., NEW YORK. Opposite St. Paul’s Church.

Office and Consulting Hours:  { 8-12 A.M.
                             { 1-6 P.M. 
Sundays:  9 A.M. to 12 A.M.


The Civiale Urethral Treatment



The Baneful Effects and Consequences of Masturbation, Marriage Excesses,
Venereal and Urinary Diseases on Boys and Men.

Could we read the heart of every man and boy we pass upon the street, how few—­how very few—­there are that would not reveal sickening pictures of lust, disease, melancholy and insanity.  Charnel-houses of sin and lust—­sloughs of despond and regret—­excess of passion offset by lack of power—­dread, despair, hopelessness, shame and desperation, making a picture of misery scarcely to be conceived by any but those unfortunate beings who in the thoughtless, careless heyday of youth, or the reckless reliance on more mature vigor, have weakened, emasculated and enslaved themselves by indulgences and excesses that have borne fruit of misery, disease and desperation in after years.

How little the youth who, in his ignorance of the terrible consequences of his vice, steals away to the secrecy of his chamber or his bed, leaving his happy, healthy and playful companions, in order that he may let the hot waves of lust and passion run riot in his mind, and dry up every spring of healthy thought and action—­how little does he think of the after-time of misery and exhaustion that he is bringing upon himself—­how little does he think that the vile demon that he is raising up will, like the vampire, suck his very life-blood, steal away his strength and life and vivacity, besmirch and weaken his mind, take the strength from his muscles, the courage from his heart, sap the very foundation of his existence, unsex and unnerve him, render him feeble, wavering and imbecile, dog his footsteps to the very steps of the altar, to curse and blacken and disappoint those joys of parentage and marital right that should be his.  The shadow deepens with him as life advances, and follows him, bringing shame and misery and despair at every step, until the poor victim, driven too far, sinks into an early grave by disease or suicide, or is lost to the world and to all joys and friends behind the doors of an insane asylum.

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