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per cent. of all cases are traceable to that practice.”  REEVES, HENRY SMITH, GOULET, PHYSIC and LEROY give masturbation as a cause of stricture.  BLACK states a like case leading to sexual incapacity, as a result of the stricture.  WADE says:  “In several instances of the kind, +where there had been no sexual intercourse+, the strictures, which were at the bulb, proved more than usually refractory from the extreme morbid sensitiveness of the whole urethral canal.”

Gross goes on to say, that in at least eight out of every ten cases of +Spermatorrhoea+ or +Impotence+, stricture of the urethra is the cause of the trouble, whether the stricture is due to gonorrhoea, gleet, etc., or to +masturbation or excesses+.

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How senseless, then, to endeavor to cure such conditions with stomach medicines.  Still, the CIVIALE method does not wholly discard them.  They have their place and their purpose, and served it well.  It was his practice in many cases to use +Nervines+ and +Tonics+, as well as +Digestives+ and +Laxatives+, by the stomach, and with excellent results, for in many of these cases the +digestion was poor+, the +liver torpid+, the +bowels sluggish+ and +constipated+, and +filled with wind+, the +appetite capricious+ and +uneven+. +Crayons+ in the urethra could not wholly cure these symptoms, although they stopped the drain that originally caused them.  Combined with the +Tonic-Regulator+, the results were prompt and satisfactory.

+Many patients began to recuperate the moment the inflammation, stricture, ulceration and accompanying losses of vital fluid were stopped, and were soon in robust health again+.  In others, however, he found it best, +at the same time that he was healing the diseased+ urethra, to +clear and invigorate the debilitated nerves and weary minds, to tone up the stomach and bowels, set the liver gently working, start the kidneys+ (nearly always congested), +and infuse new life, strength and vigorous impulses into the whole system by means of his Tonic-Regulator+, which is a pleasant and most efficacious combination of +tonics+, +laxatives+ (not purgatives), and +deobstruents+. +Skin, kidneys, lungs, heart, mind, nerves, stomach, liver and bowels, were all set to working right+.  And, as a consequence, aided by the urethral remedies, the +losses ceased+, erectile power and +sexual vigor returned, the step became buoyant and elastic, the mind clear, the memory retentive, the eyes clear and bright, the lips and cheeks ruddy with healthful color; the whole system, indeed, renovated, refreshed and re-invigorated.+



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