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Were any further proofs necessary, the following facts, the results of recent experimental investigations by such men as ACTON,{1} BLACK,{2} GROSS,{3} HAMMOND,{4} BARTHOLOW,{5} DUPUYTREN,{6} ECKHARD,{7} LOVEN,{8} GALTZ,{9} OLLIVIER,{10} TROUSSEAU,{11} ERB,{12} OTIS,{13} WADE,{14} SIR EVERARD HOME,{15} LIEGEOIS,{16} TERRILLON,{17} FLEISCHMANN,{18} BEARD,{19} GRUNFELD,{20} GUYON,{21} ROSENTHAL,{22} LANDON CARTER GRAY,{23} and many others, could be cited in its favor.

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In brief it may be stated that +Masturbation+ in early life, and sexual excesses at a later period, may, and do produce +congestion+, +inflammation+, +spasm+, +ulceration+, +granulations+, +ulcers+, and both +spasmodic and organic strictures+ of the urethra; that +Spermatorrhoea+ and +Impotence+ are due to this condition, and that the only really rational treatment is that which directly medicates and heals these parts.  This, +Civiale’s Soluble Urethral Crayons+ do, better and quicker than anything else.  Prof.  GROSS,{24} for instance, says:  “Exclusive of these cases, my notes show that 13 out of every 100 cases of stricture are due to Onanism;” and OTIS{25} says:  “9

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