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SYMPTOMS.—­We have space for but the most prominent and frequent ones:  a +dull, aching, dragging+ or +throbbing pain+ between the legs, made worse by +standing, walking, jolting+, &c., and sometimes relieved by hard pressure, or lying down with one’s feet higher than their head; pain, burning or smarting on passing urine; +twisting+ of the stream; the oozing of a thin, glairy fluid; +sticking+ together of the lips of the mouth of the urinal canal; +soreness, aching or tenderness+ of one or both +testicles+; dull pain or ache in +the small of the back+ or +buttocks+; +dizziness, sudden fits of exhaustion, convulsions, coma and death+.  A +microscopical examination+ of the urine will reveal the nature of the difficulty in a moment.  There also will be found evidences of great +nervous wear and tear, and seminal losses+, more or less constant.

  {Illustration:  L’ECOLE DE MEDICINE, PARIS. 
  The most celebrated Medical College in France, in which both
  +Civiale+ and +Lallemand+ were Professors.}


These two diseases are probably less understood than almost any other equally common.  It is safe to say that at least one man out of every ten has, has had, or will have one or both.  Neglected gleet often causes stricture; neglected or improperly treated stricture often causes and keeps up a gleet.

Another set of statements, equally sweeping and based upon the best of medical evidence, may be made, i.e., more cases of gleet and stricture are caused by Self-Abuse (masturbation, Onanism), and sexual excesses than by gonorrhoea—­formerly and ignorantly supposed to be about the only cause.

Furthermore, the main cause of both Spermatorrhoea and Impotence is Stricture (whether caused by self-abuse, gonorrhoea [clap], or any other excess).  It was this very important point that +Lallemand+ guessed at, and that +Civiale+ definitely ascertained to be a fact—­proved it by examinations of both living and dead subjects, and demonstrated it before the eyes of every member of the French Academy of Medicine, the most learned body of medical men in the world.  Upon this discovery is based the now world-famed +Urethral Crayon Treatment+.  It cures—­absolutely, thoroughly and +Permanently+ cures—­because it is based on truth; because the proper remedies are placed upon the very seat and fountain-head of the disease; where quickly and thoroughly it stamps out the fire (inflammation, from the Latin in, and flamma, to burn, to be a-fire) and eradicates the cause, at the same time healing the abrasions, releasing and invigorating the nerves, cleansing and unclogging the ducts, strengthening the erectile muscles—­in a word restoring the whole Sexual Apparatus to its natural tone and strength; not harshly or violently, but gently, kindly, soothingly.  Indeed it is a heavy debt of gratitude the sufferers from Sexual Disease and Weakness owe to +Professor Jean Civiale+—­greatest of all French savants!!

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