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Spermatorrhoea likewise is both caused and complicated by +Prostatic+ and +Urinary+ inflammation.  The Sexual Nerves are involved and weakened in the same manner as in Impotency, while, in addition the hardened substance of the Prostate Gland keeps the mouths of the Seminal Ducts open, and the +vital fluid+ runs away into the +urethra+ to be swept out with the urine, without let or hindrance.  Soon this loss tells, not only upon the brain and nerves and general health, but upon the testicles where this fluid is made.  So much is wasted that these two glands, work as they may, cannot supply a sufficiency of good, healthy fluid, and meet the difficulty by making a thin, watery infertile fluid that would flow away even if the mouths of the ducts were healthy.  They do this at the cost of a terrible strain upon the whole system—­they strain and injure themselves and grow +weak and flabby+ and finally +wasted+—­often rupture small vessels in their substance, thus yielding +bloody or black seminal fluid+.

The CAUSES of Prostatitis or Prostatorrhoea are many and diverse.  The most prominent are: 

Gonorrhoea or Gleet, running backward and settling in the gland or neck of the bladder;

Stricture, deep in the canal, causing congestion and inflammation;

Masturbation, by keeping the gland excited, congested and irritated, often causes it;

Exposure to cold and wet, especially sitting on a cold door-step or damp seat;

Blows and Injuries of any kind;

Strong Injections, and rough jabbing with steel sounds or rough bougies;

Eating Hot Condiments, or too free indulgence in alcoholic beverages.


If the inflammation extends to the neck of the +bladder+, he has an attack of +cystitis+.  If it goes down along the seminal ducts, it produces +swelled testicle+, +clogged duct+, +chronic enlargement+, +cancer+, +cysts+ and hopeless wasting of the +testicles+.  If it extends up the +ureters+, it causes +Bright’s Disease+, +abscess+ of the +kidneys+, or +lumbar fistula+.  If it runs forward along the urine canal, it produces so-called +gleet+.  If it settles in the +prostate gland+ and becomes chronic, it may cause +abscess of the gland+, +retention of the urine+, and certainly either or both +Spermatorrhoea+ or +Impotency+.

It may thus be seen how exceedingly dangerous a disease this +Prostatitis+ is, and how very important it becomes to check it at the earliest possible moment.

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