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Do not despair then, reader, if you are thus afflicted and have made several trials and failed to find +health+ and +vigor+.  The +Civiale Remedies+, while not infallible, have certainly done wonders for many so-called “+hopeless cases+,” and we doubt not that you, too, can be perfectly restored.  Submit your conditions and symptoms to our Board of Consulting Physicians, and at least get their opinion upon it.  Certain it is that these remedies, brought to light by the eminent French savant, Professor in the greatest medical college in France, and adopted and endorsed by all the large Parisian hospitals and most eminent French physicians, +cannot possibly hurt you+, and +more than likely will cure you+.



Congestions, irritation and even inflammation of the Urinary Organs often occur in men, either alone or as a complication of Seminal Disease and Weakness.  The Seminal Vesicles lie just behind the bladder, while the Seminal Ducts pass through the body of the +Prostate Gland+, and open into the urethra (or urine channel) upon its surface (see Fig. 5).  Hence, any inflammation or congestion of this large gland that lies at the root of the organ and neck of the bladder, is almost certain to produce +Seminal Weakness+, +Losses+ and +Impotence+.

It will be noticed that men past 50 years of age are often forced to rise in the night once or oftener to make water.  This, and the delay that sometimes occurs before the stream will start, are usually due to enlarged +Prostate Gland+—­a common condition in men past 50.  Many and many a man at this age finds his +sexual power declining+ and cannot understand it—­+Enlarged Prostate Gland+.

As the gland enlarges and becomes stiff and its tissues hardened and brawny, it presses upon and deprives the Sexual Nerves of power and sometimes paralyzes them, causing total Impotency.  How useless—­worse than useless, even hurtful—­are the usual remedies.  The Prostate Gland must be softened, cooled and +robbed+ of its +inflammation+ before Anti-Impotency remedies can be of the slightest service.  And here it is where the great success of the +Civiale Crayons+ is best shown:  +The Prostatic Crayons melt, run down upon, soothe, quiet and allay the inflammatory and hardened gland+, while the +Impotence Crayons+ are +re-toning+, +strengthening+ and +re-vitalizing+ the Sexual Nerves, and strengthening the +erectile+ and +ejaculatory+ muscles.  Perfect cure and perfect restoration are possible if +proper+ means are +properly+ applied.

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