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Impotence and Spermatorrhoea may exist together in the same person.

Many impotent men have no other bad symptoms than simply this failure of the +sexual organs+ to respond when called upon.  The trouble in these cases usually lies in the erectile muscles, which are +weakened+ or +paralysed+, and in the +nervous bulbs+ or +ganglia+, that are blunted or exhausted.

A perfectly healthy man should be able to beget his species until he is +at least+ 80 years of age.  Instances of such power at the age of 97 are on record.  In these days of +exhaustion+, +early decay+, +excesses+ and +abuse+, most men begin to lose their power at or before 40.  This is not right, and can +certainly+ be remedied by proper treatment.


In such cases the Prostate Gland is usually congested, enlarged and irritated, and needs prompt and thorough treatment. (See page 26.) The tone of the nervous system is also lowered, even though it may not be apparent to the individual himself.  Hence, some good, strong, special, general and sexual tonic, such as +Civiale’s Tonic Regulator+ (see page 30) is needed, as is shown by the rapid improvement that follows its use, especially when combined with effective measures for strengthening the +erectile muscles+, invigorating the +Sexual Nerve Ganglia+, and reducing the +Prostatic congestion+.  Some of the most remarkable cases of the thorough cure of Impotence and restoration to full sexual vigor that appear in the 53d Volume of the French Hospital Reports, were in men +past 60 years of age+.


In many of these cases of impotence (as well as of Spermatorrhoea) the organs were either small and puny from birth or had wasted away as the disease progressed—­just as a paralyzed arm or leg will waste away from want of use and exercise.  Such cases, as also those where there is twisting or curving of the organ, need thorough developmental treatment.  Such organs can be readily developed under proper treatment, just as the breast or a limb may be developed and increased in +size, strength and power+ by the use of the proper treatment.  Those who have not kept pace with the advances of medical science abroad can scarcely realize how great her strides have been.  To-day it is easy (especially in Sexual, Seminal and Urinary diseases) to do what ten years ago the majority of physicians deemed impossible, and to +Lallemand+ and +Civiale+ belong the highest meed of praise for their unremitting labors in bringing this branch of medical science to its present state of comparative perfection.  As an illustration we can cite case after case that has been sent us by physicians in good standing as utterly beyond their skill, and we have returned their patients to them in a few months’ time fully and +perfectly restored to sexual strength+ and +vigor+ as they, themselves, were obliged to admit.

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