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The tendency of Nature in most disorders is towards cure, but +here it is towards deterioration+.  There is no chance here of the evil “wearing itself out” save in madness and death on the one hand, and on the other by the salutary intervention of the most +vigorous+, +cautious+ and +enlightened treatment+, a treatment pursued in the +full light+ of the aids afforded by the great discoveries in physiological science for which the present age is happily distinguished.  Fortunately for humanity, by the aid of Chemistry, as well as Medical Science, it has been reserved for us to present to the public the +Civiale Remedies+, which have proved themselves undeniable blessings to thousands, restoring with unerring power those suffering from this hitherto baffling complaint.


There are cases where the effects of early abuse are neither so rapid nor so severe.  In many instances the persons, to all outward appearances, are strong and robust.  They only complain of certain sexual symptoms that trouble them.  But let them beware.  Appearances are very deceitful.  Let a sudden fit of illness supervene and see how quickly these apparently healthy men succumb and are swept away by it.  Then, too, in many of these cases, he who to-day may seem strong and healthy, with the exception of his sexual weakness, may suddenly develop most grave nervous symptoms, and in less than a month be beneath the sod or hopelessly insane.  Such cases have occurred, and one particular instance even as we write presents itself to our mind.  Poor fellow, he died a raving maniac the very night he was to have been married to one of the most charming young ladies in New Haven.  And yet he thought he was perfectly healthy.  He only learned his true condition too late for human aid.


In many cases the seminal ducts have become so weak and relaxed that the fluid passes off involuntarily with the water and is not perceived; also when straining at stool and when you have an erection.  To test its escape in the urine, pass off your water in a clear glass pint bottle and let it stand twenty-four hours in a warm place; then hold up the bottle between yourself and the light, and if you discover a sediment of a +white, fleecy+ nature, resembling cotton, in the bottom, you are suffering from +hidden spermatorrhoea+, from which all your present ailments come.  Where this fluid passes off with the urine, it is just as injurious to the system as full emissions, as it is a continual drain day after day, as well as taking that part of the vitality which goes to supply the brain and nerves.  Many patients afflicted in this way will notice, shortly after urinating, a +dull pain+ in the forehead, sometimes extending to the +eye-balls+, causing, as well, a feeling of +general debility+, as if they had no strength or will to do anything.  If this weakness is allowed to go on unchecked, the mind will become diseased, the eye-sight will be impaired, and the vital forces consumed—­thereby causing +partial and complete impotency+.  Should you desire greater certainty in testing, either send on a sample of your urine, or test it with our powder.

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