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It is with great pleasure that we send you a copy of this, the sixth edition of our brochure on Sexual and Urinary Diseases.  The success of the Civiale Urethral Method, since its first introduction into America, has been almost unparalleled in Medical History, and we feel that the time has come for replacing the brief pamphlet containing a mere outline of the method, with a work somewhat more full and exhaustive.

Aware of the number of worthless and oftentimes actually injurious remedies that are being advertised and recommended for the cure of these affections, and the bogus doctors and worthless firms that infest every large city, we have endeavored to give inquiring patients every proof and assurance of the efficacy of the Civiale Remedies, every facility for investigating our methods, and proving, to their entire satisfaction, both the medical ability of our Consulting Staff, and the honor, honesty and fair dealing of the Agency.  We court the fullest and freest investigation, either by patients themselves or any friends of theirs in this city, either of whom we shall be happy to see and satisfy at any time, at our Consulting Rooms, Business Offices or Manufactory.

Repeated trials in some of the most severe cases of Spermatorrhoea and Impotency, in both France and America, have proven the Civiale Remedies to be safe, speedy and most satisfactory in all their results, and we feel justly proud of having in our hands so excellent and efficient a means for the radical cure of so obstinate, serious and often dangerous a disease.  We take pride in having saved many a young and promising life, in having often stayed the hand bent upon self-destruction, and in having many times cheated the grave or the insane asylum of its expected prey.  Nor do we feel less proud in having been able, in cases of not so serious, though often of a more embarrassing nature, to restore to full Sexual Power and Vigor middle-aged and older men whose desire had out-lived their power, or who, through early abuse, had become so weakened as to be totally Impotent, incapable of perpetuating their species—­ashamed, discomfited, and disappointed at being somewhat less than a man.

As every case cured is the very best advertisement that we can have, it is hardly necessary for us to say that we endeavor to exercise the utmost care, skill and discretion in both diagnosing and treating these cases, and assiduity and scientific accuracy in preparing and compounding those remedies of which we are the fortunate possessors.  Indeed, we do everything in our power to make success an absolute certainty.

A word in closing.  Our STAFF OF CONSULTING PHYSICIANS is composed of men selected with great care for their special skill and attainments in this special branch of Medical Science.  These gentlemen are handsomely remunerated for their services, and take a pride and interest in every case they treat.

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